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Enquiry & Request Management Simplified

Quest is a comprehensive request management system

Globally, it enables firms to manage, process and log requests & enquiries more efficiently.

Quest provides library, market data & business information services teams with a central, simple way to handle research, reference & information needs from across the firm.

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Reduce request turnaround time and improve quality of service

Responsiveness and accuracy are fundamental goals of request management. Through standardized, reusable templates, a well-ordered and customizable display of a user’s requests, and a fully searchable knowledge base, our enquiry management system allows to complete business requests more quickly and accurately.


Improve team management and cooperation

Coordinating projects across a team and getting accurate information about performance can be difficult. Quest provides real-time views of workload and work being done across the system — keeping everyone on the same page. And by allowing users to seamlessly link requests, and bring others on the team in, complex projects can be managed easily.


Gain a full understanding of your team’s work

It can be hard to get a clear understanding of the big picture. The reporting tools — utilizing the extensive firm data Quest tracks — allow our clients to gain a fuller understanding of their relationships with others in the firm and a clear picture of the value added.

Simplify your enquiry & request management

For many firms, handling the information and research needs of disparate groups — both inside and outside the company — is a complicated process.
Quest both centralizes and simplifies this.

Simplify your enquiry management

What can be done to improve team collaboration and transparency?

Managing research and information needs in whatever tools available isn’t optimal.

Working out of a shared mailbox or spreadsheet can prove cumbersome and requires more communication than preferable. Complex projects become hard to visualize and important requests don’t always stand out.

By using a solution designed from the ground up to provide a clear view of the work, and promote user collaboration, the whole process can be made much more straightforward.

Separate views allow users to focus on either a specific request, work they own or are collaborating on, or the work of the team as a whole — and to switch between views seamlessly.

How to leverage work already done for future use?

Often, the firm’s information needs follow patterns. Questions and enquiries have already been answered — in a different place or form. But it’s not always easy to leverage that knowledge for reuse.

Having access to a comprehensive, fully searchable collection of the team’s work is a powerful tool. By storing previous interactions and making it easily accessible, research needs can be fulfilled faster and the information provided can be made more accurate. Having the answers at the ready can save valuable time and effort.

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  • Knowledge Base

  • Request Tracking

How to get an accurate idea of the value resources provide?

Firms spend large sums of money on subscriptions and access to a variety of databases & services. Any additional data about the value provided by these resources is welcome.

By allowing tracking of resource usage on a request-by-request basis, useful information is gained about where and how your team gets the information they need. Being able to see how this breaks down across teams and research areas provides a clearer picture of these costs.

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  • Management Metrics

  • Workflow & Collaboration

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Quest provides library, market data & business information services teams a central, simple way to handle research, reference & information needs from across the firm.