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Enterprise Subscription Optimized

Enterprise subscriptions optimized

TRG Screen enables global enterprises to monitor and manage subscription spend & usage across the entire enterprise.

What we do

We build market-leading software solutions for subscription spend & usage management.

High-value subscriptions are complex and expensive. They need to be managed professionally. Our enterprise subscription management solutions help global enterprises to manage the full end-to-end life cycle of their market data, research, software licensing, and other corporate expenses.

Already over 500 customers — in financial, legal & professional verticals — realize immediate ROI and long-term cost savings (10-30%), transparency into purchased subscriptions, improved workflows, and a higher degree of compliance with their vendor contracts.

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Control your market data, research, software, and enterprise subscriptions

Control your market data, research, software, and enterprise subscriptions — effortlessly

Powerful enterprise subscription management solutions. Built to help you perform.

TRG Screen is uniquely positioned to offer the full spectrum of enterprise subscription management capabilities across expense & revenue management, usage tracking, enquiry management, specialist consulting services, and managed services. Saving you significant amounts of time and money, year after year.

Enterprise spend management

Enterprise spend management

End-user firms of high-value & complex data, research, and information subscriptions have an increasing demand — and challenge — to manage and reduce spend on these subscriptions. Learn how FITS and INFOmatch globally help clients to manage their costs, processes, and workflows more efficiently.

  • Secured compliance

  • Cost optimization

  • Full transparency & control

Exchange compliance & reporting

Exchange compliance & reporting

Many financial institutions struggle with the complexity and variety of stock exchange policies and administration requirements. Learn how Axon’s technology platform reduces your market data compliance risk — providing a consolidated approach to market data management.

  • Policy management

  • Secured compliance & reporting

  • Market data knowledge & expertise

Usage management

Usage management

Companies spend millions on terminal, reference data, web-based & application subscriptions. But how do you know if your firm is fully utilizing these expensive services, or if you’re wasting money on unfulfilled and underused subscriptions? Learn how ResearchMonitor, DART & Xmon help clients to monitor and analyze the usage of these services.

  • Usage monitoring & analytics

  • Manage compliance & passwords

  • Cost containment & spend reduction

Enquiry management

Enquiry management

Market data & business information services teams receive multiple business requests every day. But how do you keep track of these requests, ensuring you respond efficiently to clients and avoid duplicating effort? Learn how Quest allows internal teams to manage requests from the business while tracking the process and generating metrics to help find efficiencies.

  • Request management system

  • Effective team collaboration

  • Searchable knowledge base

Revenue management

Revenue management

Data originators and integrators — such as exchanges, brokers and data vendors — (re)distribute a wide variety of market data. But how do you centrally track all your (re)vendor & subscriber contracts and maximize revenue? Learn how INFOmatch supports with contract management, client billing, reconciling revenue, commercial analysis, compliance checking, and reporting.

  • Improved customer insights

  • Centralized contract & usage management

  • Revenue optimization & reconciliation

500+ happy customers worldwide

Jointly managing over $8.5 billion in enterprise subscriptions. And yes, we’re pretty proud of our 96% retention rate since 1990.

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