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Enterprise Subscriptions, Optimized

Introducing Optimize:
The platform for optimizing your enterprise subscriptions

Our market leading solutions are being integrated into Optimize – a unified enterprise subscription management platform with powerful actionable insights.

Whether you oversee market data, legal research, software licensing or other corporate subscriptions, Optimize puts your enterprise subscription management in one place.

Optimize your enterprise subscriptions

Manage your enterprise subscriptions in a single platform

A single platform — to truly manage all your enterprise subscriptions

Optimize will help you to simplify enterprise subscription management and unlock more value from your subscriptions. By integrating our entire suite of market leading products into a unified platform, Optimize offers an easy way to seamlessly manage the entire lifecycle of your subscriptions in one place. It is the only solution that helps you to proactively reduce spend, increase utilization and manage compliance, while automating entire subscription management workflows.


Integrating the best of spend management

TRG Screen has combined its two industry leading spend management systems – making enterprise subscription spend management and optimization easier than ever before. Optimize Spend brings together the very best of FITS and INFOmatch to offer a best-of-breed solution with major new capabilities. Other TRG Screen market leading subscription management products will be enhanced and integrated into the Optimize platform over a series of releases.


Unlock valuable insights and really start optimizing

Putting all your subscription data in one place unlocks valuable insights for smarter, faster decisions. Optimize Insights will offer the most complete subscription insights, analytics and reporting platform available. Personalized dashboards bring your subscription spend and usage to life with powerful data analysis, interactive visualizations, intelligent insights and actionable commentary, giving you everything you need to take action and optimize your subscriptions.

Ready to maximize your subscription value across the enterprise?

Learn how you can fully optimize the entire lifecycle of your enterprise subscriptions.

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Optimize Insights turns your
data into action

In today’s subscription economy, firms struggle to truly optimize the wide range of expensive, complex and diverse subscriptions in use across the enterprise. Optimize Insights solves this problem.

Optimize Insights gives you complete transparency across the subscription lifecycle in a single platform.

By seamlessly blending data and information from our entire software suite, it puts everything you need in one place.

It unlocks actionable insights and lets you see your subscriptions in a new light. It makes it possible for you to realize the full value of your subscriptions.

Optimizing enterprise subscriptions spend, usage, compliance & enquiries

The most complete solution for optimizing enterprise subscriptions spend, usage, compliance & enquiries

Optimize translates dynamic analytics into actionable insights. It will help you to go further, faster by pinpointing opportunities to optimize both subscription spend and usage – in an instant.

Develop an advanced understanding of your subscriptions, so you can make smarter, data-driven decisions that have a direct impact on subscription spend. See if you are wasting money on unfulfilled and underused subscriptions, then take fast action to improve usage.

You can easily track, monitor and demonstrate compliance with vendor agreements. And at the same time automate workflows and manage enquiries so you can operate more proactively and efficiently as a team.

Optimize Insights leverages innovative interactive visualizations, business intelligence and machine learning capabilities to deliver the most groundbreaking subscription management platform available.

“There is no other tool that visualizes large amounts of subscription data as quickly and easily. It puts all your subscription data into a single analytics platform with powerful insights. It drives fast decision making that will give you the greatest value from your subscriptions.”

Actionable insights that will change the way you think about your enterprise subscriptions

Cost Drivers

Cost Drivers

How and why are my subscription costs changing over time?

Usage Drivers

Usage Drivers

How and why is my subscription usage changing over time?

Subscription Value

Subscription Value

How much value do our subscriptions provide the company?

Department Value

Department Value

How much value does my department create for the company?

Maximize Value

Maximize Value

What are the best opportunities for me to reduce costs or increase value?

Resource Utilization

Resource Utilization

What subscriptions are most utilized or least utilized and who are the users?

Resource Allocation

Resource Allocation

Are we delivering the appropriate resources to users?

Role Profiling

Role Profiling

Are subscriptions consistent for each role type across the company?

License Compliance

License Compliance

Are users sharing their credentials or accessing unlicensed resources?

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