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Inventory & license management software for enterprise subscriptions

Streamline and bring complete transparency & control of inventory, licenses & costs

Are you lacking transparency & visibility into which enterprise subscriptions — such as market data, research & software licenses — are being used where in your organization, and against which costs?

Optimize Spend* acts as your central inventory & license management system to deliver a complete global overview of your user community, vendor relationships, products, services, licenses and data accesses in use — all together with associated cost.

(*the best of FITS & INFOmatch combined into a best-of-breed solution with major enhancements)

Automating inventory & license management

In today’s subscription economy, firms consume a broad range of services in order to meet their complex business needs. Many of these firms still rely on complex spreadsheets or other tools supporting manual processes to manage their subscriptions and licenses.

By automating inventory & license management across the range of subscription services, firms can eliminate these manual systems and save time, money and resources.

“TRG Screen’s inventory tracking & license management system offers benefits in terms of optimizing our inventory levels and reducing cost. It strengthens our market position.”

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Managing Enterprise Data & Subscriptions Spend



A single, centralized inventory & license management system

We deliver the next generation of inventory & license management software, and redefine the industry standard for functionality and usability. Our enterprise inventory system — Optimize Spend — enable you to manage a wide set of costs for market data, research, software, and other information services across the enterprise.

From a control perspective, our centralized automated approach to inventory & license management offers complete cost visibility to business users and line managers, allowing them to see which services are being consumed and by whom.

Want to be in control of your inventory, licenses & costs?

Learn how to bring transparency into your inventory.

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Transparency, cost optimization & compliance

Optimize Spend enables firms to easily track, organize and calculate costs related to all their vendors, contracts, products and users. This allows any firm to analyze existing costs and predict upcoming spend relating to information & subscription services consumed across the enterprise.

Our solution achieves cost optimization, process efficiency and compliance with licensing agreements. It supports supplier negotiations with evidence-based intelligence, helping to optimize contract renewals. Inventory & license management has never been easier!


Key takeaways

Optimize Spend acts as your central inventory & license management platform.

  • Complete cost visibility to business users & managers
  • Automation & intelligence driving process efficiency
  • Cost optimization & secured compliance
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Optimize Spend serves several types of organizations and supports many departments. Whether you are an international investment bank or a smaller asset manager, a hedge fund or a broker, a data vendor sourcing market data, a professional service organization or a blue-chip company — Optimize Spend enables any firm to optimize their enterprise subscription spend.