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Managed services — market data cost management

Outsourcing the commercial management of your market data can be transformational

Are you looking for ways to manage your market data more efficiently? Do you wish less time was spent on daily administration and cost management tasks? Are you able to prioritize strategic market data management to drive business value and competitive advantage?

If so, outsourcing the commercial management of your market data could be the answer you've been looking for. TRG Screen’s comprehensive, specialized managed service combines our market leading spend management technology – Optimize Spend – with our team of market data management experts and best-in-class workflows.

The unparalleled benefits of market data managed services

  • Comprehensive tracking: Consolidate, track and analyze vendors, contracts, products and services across the business.
  • Streamlined operations: Leverage streamlined, automated and auditable workflows while simplifying operations.
  • Vendor optimization: Strengthen position during negotiations and renewals, while improving vendor relationships.
  • Focus on value: Free resources to focus on knowledge-based work and strategic projects that drive business growth.
  • Talent shortages: Remove the challenge and cost of hiring, developing and retaining skilled personnel.
  • Transparent spending: Unravel complexity and gain control of inventory management, increase transparency on spend.
  • Efficient invoicing: Capture, reconcile and summarize hundred-page, multi-million-dollar invoices seamlessly.
  • Risk management: Manage turnover and compliance risk with unparalleled scalability and auditable processes.
  • Flexible, scalable: Effortlessly adjust service levels and coverage to suit changing needs.
  • Cost efficiency: Reduce overhead costs while streamlining operations and improving performance, backed by SLAs.

Outsource the commercial management of your market data administration processes for improved cost management

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Leverage extensive capabilities from TRG Screen 

Our comprehensive, modular managed services provide tailored solutions - delivered by highly skilled specialists, whether on-site or off-site. With extensive experience, we ensure cost-effective and successful outcomes for your market data management needs.


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Global Expert Team

Expert team with extensive industry experience and deep knowledge of market data management.

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Comprehensive Offerings

Modular market data management solution for critical market data control, cost and compliance.

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Technology Solutions

Optimize Spend purpose-built software streamlines workflows and delivers strategic insights.

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Onboarding for Success

Structured, comprehensive and fully supported onboarding for a seamless and successful transition.

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Best Practice Integration

Tailored workflows and functionality for optimal market data management and efficient service delivery.


Proactive Talent Strategy

Proactive recruitment and investment in skilled market data management professionals.


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We have a proven track record of delivering value for firms of any size globally by enabling them to outsource the commercial management of their market data to our team of experts.