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Managed services — market data administration

Outsource your market data administration to true experts

Finding it difficult to find the right staff to manage your enterprise subscriptions — including market data? You want to reduce operating costs and increase savings & transparency?

TRG Screen offers a managed service solution, which provides you with the professional skills of our highly trained and experienced staff into a complete customized solution.

The challenges of managing market data

Managing the financial processes supporting market data — and other information subscriptions — cost & contract management is not considered to be firms’ core business. Nevertheless, the task may not be underestimated since market data and enterprise subscription costs are responsible for a considerable portion of the overall budgets.

Finding the right staff to manage your complex enterprise subscriptions environment may prove to be a challenge, if not impossible.

Managed Services

TRG Screen, therefore, offers a managed service, managed by our team of market data specialists who guarantee the highest rates of efficiency in managing all your vendor & exchange contracts and associated tasks.

TRG Screen’s managed service provides a full spectrum of managed services, from managing a sub-set of invoice processing or inventory management through to complete management of all aspects of market data and information subscriptions administration.

Leveraging the power of Optimize Spend and the experience of our experts, our managed service empowers you to focus on value-added opportunities while we handle all or part of your on-going market data administration with 24/7 support.

This, in turn, enables you to reduce operating costs and increase savings & transparency to optimize your market data and information services.

Ready to maximize the value of your market data & other information subscription spend?

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A complete customized solution

Our managed services are aimed at providing you with the professional skills of our highly trained and experienced staff into a complete customized solution. Working on-site or off-site, our specialists can manage any element related to the administration of market data and other enterprise subscriptions. We have the experience of successful engagements necessary to assure a cost-effective and successful outcome.

Our market data administration service includes the following service deliverables:

  • MAC management (moves, additions & cancellations)
  • Invoice checking & reconciliation
  • Contract administration
  • Cost allocation & analysis
  • Data & product permissioning
  • Budgeting
  • Compliance
  • General ledger / accounts payable
  • Business & vendor reporting (MISU reports, Data Access Declarations)

Key benefits

  • Your market data administration is in safe hands because it is handled by specialists who work efficiently and effectively
  • Continuity of the market data & other enterprise subscriptions administration process
  • You can focus on your core business
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We have a proven track record of assisting firms — with budgets of any size — globally with managing their market data & financial information management processes more efficiently.