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Migrating your Market Data Inventory System

Frustrated with your current market data inventory system?

Do you believe that working with the right partner will provide you better functionality, service & support that will enable you to be more successful in delivering value to your firm?

TRG Screen is recognized as a world leading market data management company and is known for its market expertise & services, innovative products, advanced technology and quick response to customer requests.

Successfully migrating your legacy inventory system

TRG Screen is growing fast and expanding globally. Independent industry research shows that TRG Screen has gained the most customers in the market data management industry in the last few years.

Customers have migrated to our market data inventory system — Optimize Spend* — after trying other legacy platforms, from in-house solutions or from Excel spreadsheets based solutions.

(*the best of FITS & INFOmatch combined into a best-of-breed solution with major enhancements)

"70% of the worlds strongest banks that have a market data inventory system use Optimize Spend"

Why customers migrated to TRG Screen's spend management solution?

Some reasons:
  • Full commitment to and focus on the market data management industry
  • Intuitive user experience without the complexities associated with other systems
  • Superior functionality & flexibility for contract, inventory, invoice, expense & budget management
  • Exceptional and intuitive self-service analytics & drill down reporting
  • Unrivalled Bloomberg management – and other vendor – features (e.g. reconcile 100+ Bloomberg invoices a day, including prorated invoices and broken dates)
  • Instant access to all historical data, for every day without the limitation in legacy systems of only having access to month end reports
  • Creation of user defined fields (UDFs) throughout the system wherever they may be required, without misusing ‘empty fields’ in the database
  • Ease of integration with accounting systems and processes – unmatched support for accurate cash & accrual based accounting
  • Uniquely positioned to offer integration with usage tracking tools such as ResearchMonitor (online resources, applications & terminals) and Xmon (reference data)
  • High quality managed services offering & unique market data consultancy worldwide
  • Global presence with an excellent reputation for local support
Ready or want to learn why to migrate your legacy inventory system?

Learn how to choose the right market data inventory platform.

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Ready to move to TRG Screen but concerned about migrating from a legacy platform?

No need! Our solutions serve several types of organizations and support many departments. All having their specific needs and requirements when it comes to professionally managing market data.

Migrating to Optimize Spend couldn’t be easier. Our experienced project & implementation managers have already successfully migrated 100+ organizations.

Thanks to our proprietary set of (automated) migration tools our team has the expertise migrating from all other inventory systems with maximum results and minimum efforts.

Welcome to the new world – the analytical experience!

500+ happy customers world-wide

Jointly managing over $8,5 billion in enterprise subscriptions. And yes, we’re pretty proud of our 96% customer retention rate since 1990.


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Optimize Spend serves several types of organizations and supports many departments. Whether you are an international investment bank or a smaller asset manager, a hedge fund or a broker, a data vendor sourcing market data, a professional service organization or a blue-chip company — Optimize Spend enables any firm to optimize their market data inventory spend.