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Usage management systems for enterprise subscriptions

Usage management systems for enterprise subscriptions

ResearchMonitor & DART bring transparency into enterprise subscriptions & terminal usage

Companies spend millions on terminal, web-based & application subscriptions. But how do you know if your firm is fully utilizing these expensive services, or if you’re wasting money on unfulfilled and underused subscriptions?

Our usage management systems ResearchMonitor and DART help clients to monitor and analyze the usage of these services.


ResearchMonitor provides firms with a central system to track usage of web-based (market) data, research & SaaS subscriptions for the Legal and Financial market, such as Moody’s, Fitch, S&P, Morningstar, LexisNexis, etc. In addition to monitoring these online services, ResearchMonitor also tracks usage patterns of individual desktop applications.

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  • Usage & trend analysis

  • Contract compliance

  • Access controls & user workflows


DART is set of tools and services to track market data usage across your organization. It provides a complete picture of terminal usage to help you better manage your terminal counts and expense. DART helps firms to rationalize the use of premium market data services — such as Bloomberg terminals — thereby saving time & money and reducing risk.

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  • Terminal usage transparency

  • Cost reduction & containment

  • Usage reporting & analytics