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Online Market Data Application Workflow Tool

ACT is a powerful market data application workflow management tool

ACT (Application Compliance Tool) is a fully customizable application workflow management tool for managing the recertification and onboarding process of proprietary market data applications. 

Globally, ACT gives you a clear view of the exchange compliance obligations for all your applications.

Whitepaper - Mitigating Applications' Compliance Risk

Automate the workflow of market data applications

The time-consuming & manual processes associated with managing market data applications can be demanding. ACT schedules and automates the recertification of market data applications by application owners via a centralized intuitive web-based interface.


Clear view of exchange compliance obligations for your applications

Identifying the impact on applications from market data pricing and policy changes can be a challenging. With ACT leveraging our exchange compliance database PEAR, it helps you to identify licensing and policy requirements — essential for achieving the most accurate reporting results.

Effective management of market data application workflow

Many firms struggle with the endless documents, time and effort spent on the compliance process. ACT helps reduce this problem by allowing you to manage your market data application workflow — from on-boarding through to regular recertification. 

Optimize your market data application workflow management

Many financial firms – large and small struggle with the time-consuming and repetitive manual processes associated with managing their market data applications. ACT is designed to specifically solve this problem.


Need help managing your market data usage and compliance?

Many financial services companies have a number of applications (both display & non-display) with access to market data – either via a vendor or direct feed. Are you facing challenges in identifying which exchanges have specific policies around declaring applications, licensing and what the unit of count is – particularly in regard to non-display?

ACT provides a systematic approach where you can create a bespoke online questionnaire to consolidate your organization’s application usage incorporating automated scheduling and reminder emails allowing you to consolidate all your application usage data. This removes the stress normally associated with compliance audit preparation and applications.

This approach will significantly reduce the time and costs spent on the exchange data compliance reporting process for organizations with multiple users and applications, such as large tier-one banks and data vendors.

500+ happy market data professionals world-wide

Our global footprint of clients ranges from Tier 1 investment banks, through hedge funds, to exchanges. And yes, we’re pretty proud to be serving 80% of the top 15 global banks in the world.

Ready to take control of your organisation's application usage?

Learn how you can optimize your market data application workflow management

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ACT - Market Data Application Compliance Tool


How ACT can help optimize your market data application workflow management



Scheduling of the application recertification is customizable and includes reminders to application owners to complete using an intuitive web based interface.


User Dashboard

The comprehensive user dashboard provides the market data team with complete oversight and control of the recertification and onboarding process.


Flexible System

ACT is a fully customizable online questionnaire with flexible form and field structures that can be tailored to suit your workflow and proprietary information.



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ACT is a bespoke online questionnaire, allowing financial firms to consolidate all their application usage data.

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  • Policy management
  • Secured compliance & reporting
  • Market data knowledge & expertise