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Usage Tracking of Online Subscriptions, Applications & Terminals Optimized

ResearchMonitor is a leading usage tracking software solution

Globally, it helps firms to analyze and control mainly online subscriptions — such as market data, research & SaaS licenses — as well as installed desktop applications & terminals.

While helping you overcome common resource management challenges, it also serves as a platform to deliver online resources more efficiently across your firm.


Save 2%-30% off your annual enterprise subscription costs

With more content accessed online — coupled with rising cost of data — the mantra is to drive efficiency while reducing overall spend on enterprise subscriptions. ResearchMonitor provides a one-stop solution for managing all subscriptions while understanding the real-time usage. The product pays for itself in a few months, and this is just from the usage data analysis alone.


Ensure compliance with your vendor licenses

Ensuring compliance with the terms & conditions of your enterprise subscription agreements can be challenging — particularly for firms where employees tend to share usernames and passwords. Our usage tracking software solution provides full transparency surrounding the access of online content, helps preventing access for terminated employees, and provides visibility into license breach penalty risk.


Access controls and user workflows

Managing user behaviors consistently across the firm is a challenging task. Especially when the number of users accessing enterprise subscriptions is high. With ResearchMonitor, you can control real-time access of your online resources, present popup messages to redirect users to a different platform, and configure end user workflows to streamline research and access of data.

Optimize your enterprise resource spend & usage management

Many financial institutions, law firms, and professional services firms – large and small – struggle to understand and control their enterprise subscriptions for online resources, applications and terminals. ResearchMonitor is designed to specifically solve this problem.

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Firms spend millions on subscriptions. Are these being used effectively and efficiently?

In today’s subscription economy, firms consume a broad range of services in order to meet their complex business needs. Tracking the cost-benefit analysis of each becomes a challenging task, especially when it spans across a broad range of specialties.

Have the “power users” who had previously requested for a specific subscription moved on to a different role? Maybe a specific project which triggered a subscription doesn’t exist anymore? Or is there a section of users trying to access a resource, which the firm already has subscription to?

The solution is to actively monitor real-time usage across all enterprise subscriptions on a centralized system. Quick dashboard and reports are needed to allow you to splice and compare data across the different employee parameters — like department, office, location, etc.

This approach allows you to make informed decisions and achieve the level of visibility and control you never had before.

How to create visibility and control over password sharing and vendor audit risk?

Multitudes of online subscriptions equate to a myriad of varying license agreements. Some are enterprise wide, while others are usernames and passwords per user. Some are based on office locations, while others offer a pool of credentials for the firm to manage.

While ensuring your researchers and other users globally can access these subscriptions seamlessly, you also want to ensure none of these are being shared amongst individuals as this can ultimately result in a hefty license breach penalty risk. Managing all these aspects of online access can be challenging and confusing at the same time.

Our solution helps you manage all combinations of online access seamlessly. The reports help you monitor password sharing, allowing you to act proactively in your role. Password dashboard gives you greater visibility into each user’s access, while ensuring data privacy of user’s credentials. There is even an end user portal, which means ease of access for licensed users — giving them visibility into their online catalog.

Few of my online subscriptions require tracking of research against a project number. How to achieve this?

Depending on your accounting and billing setup, there could be many identifiers — like client-matter number, deal codes, project codes, etc. — that are already in place across your organization.

While one subscription requires this information to charge back on research costs, others might call on this function to understand usage split between different projects. Creating a user workflow customized to each subscription can be a chaotic process to manage manually.

Our software manages this process automatically for you. Once a workflow has been set up per subscription, all the users globally will be directed to follow the same process. This means clearer data reporting and easier billing cycle for your accounting team. Our solution allows you to enable this functionality across any of your online subscriptions.

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ResearchMonitor provides financial institutions, law firms, and professional services firms with a central system to manage and analyze all of your online subscriptions — such as market data, research & SaaS licenses — as well as installed desktop applications & terminals.