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Optimize for Legal Sector

Optimize your legal research subscriptions

Bring usage and enquiry data from across all your legal research subscriptions into one powerful insights platform – Optimize.

Visual dashboards give you a complete picture, with actionable insights that pinpoint opportunities to optimize your subscriptions – in an instant.

Optimize Insights turns data into action into results

TRG Screen already helps law libraries, research and knowledge management departments to analyze and facilitate how resources are used within the firm. The Optimize platform adds an important new dimension by giving you the most comprehensive understanding of your entire library of resources in a visual analytics dashboard.

Optimize Insights translates data from across your subscription products into actionable insights. Real-time personalized dashboards give you everything you need to maximize utilization, right-size subscription spend and improve research efficiency.


Do you ever wonder...

  • How and why are my subscription costs and usage changing over time?
  • Where can we save money on unfulfilled, underused or duplicated resources?
  • Exactly who, how, when and how long are research products being used?
  • Do users have the right combination of resources to perform?
  • How can we fulfill trending search strategies more proactively and efficiently? 
  • Do we have the right workflows in place to manage all these subscriptions?

Optimize Insights gives you the visibility and tools you need to make data driven decisions and truly optimize your legal research  & information subscriptions.


Learn how you can get the most value from your subscriptions.

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Simplify subscription management with Optimize

“Legal research subscription management can be incredibly hard to fully get to grips with. Optimize Insights puts you in control by allowing you to manage and analyze your subscriptions in a single platform. Now you really can get the best possible value from your subscriptions.”


Unlock Actionable Insights
Transparency market data management

Gain visibility

Bring together all your subscription usage and enquiry information into a single analytics platform that gives you transparency and control over your entire market data inventory


Improve efficiency

An advanced understanding of usage trends and search strategies allows you to proactively identify information sources, improve research efficiency and increase subscription value

Market data cost reduction

Reduce costs

Unlock valuable actionable insights in personalized dashboards that allow you to make smarter decisions and potentially increase subscription value by 10-30%


Save time

Automate manual analysis and reporting processes for time savings of up to 90%, with on-demand reporting that puts you in an excellent future negotiating position

Changing the way you think about your legal research & information subscriptions

Powered by TRG Screen, Optimize brings together the best-of-breed technology that already saves significant time and money for hundreds of organizations across the world.

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No matter what challenges you face, you can unlock insights that will maximize your subscription value across your firm. Redefine how you manage your legal research & information subscriptions with Optimize.