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Interfacing & Automation

Automate your manual processes and seamlessly transfer data from and to your vendor and corporate systems

Are you experiencing slow, expensive and error-prone processes when it comes to managing your enterprise subscriptions and vendor relations?

FITS & INFOmatch seamlessly integrate your vendor and corporate data making maintaining users, updating inventory, and processing invoices quick and painless.

Automating inventory & spend management

Many firms still rely on complex spreadsheets or other tools supporting manual processes to manage their enterprise subscriptions. By automating inventory management across the range of subscription services — such as market data, research, software & information services — firms can eliminate these manual systems and save time, money and resources.

Automating inventory control allows firms to analyze existing costs and predict upcoming spend relating to information and subscription services consumed across the enterprise. This in turn supports accurate reporting of usage and cost data to your users, financial controllers and auditors.

It allows you to deliver on cost transparency, and manage risk and compliance. Finally, this approach supports supplier negotiations with evidence-based intelligence, helping to optimize contract renewals.

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Automated data interfaces

Our enterprise spend management systems — FITS & INFOmatch — offer a comprehensive suite of interfaces between FITS or INFOmatch, your internal corporate systems, and your vendors’ inventory and invoicing data.

Thanks to the open structure, the interfaces seamlessly integrate your vendor and corporate data into FITS or INFOmatch, making maintaining users, updating inventory, and processing invoices quick and painless. You can easily upload data, reconcile with what exists in FITS or INFOmatch, and apply the changes in a matter of clicks.

Vendor-specific interfaces

With FITS’s & INFOmatch’s vendor-specific interfaces you can automate loading full inventory and invoice detail from your vendors. They support a wide range of data sources delivery mechanisms, including loading & reconciling vendor electronic invoices, connecting directly to permissioning databases, price lists and direct invoicing from Bloomberg and Refinitiv.

Supported vendor sources include:
  • Bloomberg SID files
  • Bloomberg EMRS (B-pipe)
  • Exchange invoices
  • FactSet
  • ICE Data Services
  • SIX Financial Information
  • Generic entitlements
  • Refinitiv (incl. DACS, TREP)
  • FIS
  • SR Labs DART Entitlements
  • NewsEdge
  • 3di Profiler
  • All major telecom providers & allocations files
Data interface modules

Corporate interfaces

FITS’s & INFOmatch’s interfaces for corporate systems allow you to import from, and share data with, your internal systems. FITS also integrates with corporate identity management and authentication systems to provide the convenience and security of single sign-on for your users.

  • Human Resources interfaces – automate the upload of your employees, corporate hierarchy, cost center, and building information. Fully compatible with all major corporate ERP sources, including SAP and Oracle Financials
  • Accounts Payable interfaces – automate of invoice payment requests to, and receive payment confirmation from, your accounts payable department. Compatible with AP systems from SAP, Sage, Oracle, SmartStream, Exact Software, and many more
  • Single Sign-on – the simplicity and security of single sign-on, supporting both proprietary systems such as Windows Active Directory and Oracle Access Manager, and open standards such as SAML2
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Our solutions serve several types of organizations and support many departments. Whether you are an international investment bank or a smaller asset manager, a hedge fund or a broker, a data vendor sourcing market data, a professional service organization or a blue-chip company — both FITS and INFOmatch enable any firm to optimize their enterprise subscription spend.

Enterprise spend management

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