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Market Data Revenue Management Optimized

INFOmatch is a leading market data revenue management solution

Globally, it gives exchanges, brokers, data (re)vendors & distributors the clarity they need to optimize their market data revenues. Saving you time and preventing revenue leakage!

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Secure compliance with your client & vendor agreements

Monitoring compliance — identify gaps — between client contracts and reported usage can be challenging. Through automated checks, INFOmatch ensures that reported usage is compliant with distributor & (re)vendor agreements. To prevent revenue leakage it provides integrated reporting & analysis of global usage per customer, including compliance monitoring & identification of reporting patterns.


Provide full customer insight (CRM) & improve commercial analysis

Today, a lot of consumer firms have increased data feed usage in favor of more traditional terminals. Therefore, vendors & exchanges have a greater need to understand which end users (/locations) consume their data via data feeds and how they use the data. INFOmatch comes with a global, aggregated overview of all your customers — e.g. (re)vendors & financial institutions — broken down by type and region.


Optimize client servicing & billing processes

Many data originators and integrators struggle to optimize & automate their market data admin, client servicing and billing processes. INFOmatch acts as your market data revenue management system to provide electronic client reporting on usage, automated client billing and invoicing workflows. Our integrated client service portal allows for digital contracting, ordering products, usage reporting, and invoice retrieval.

Optimize your market data revenue management

Many exchanges, brokers, data (re)vendors & distributors struggle to pro-actively manage their outbound licensing, including processes around market data usage, compliance, billing & reporting.

Thanks to a fully customizable product catalog and client directory, INFOmatch allows these firms

to track all (re)vendor & subscriber contracts in one single central database.

INFOmatch is the basis for client billing, reconciling revenue, contract roll-over warnings, commercial analysis, and compliance checking.


How to standardize & automate your processes around usage reporting & validation?

Data originators and integrators usually receive hundreds of different vendor, (re)vendor & consumer firm usage reports per month.

INFOmatch has the ability to process the main standard reporting formats used in the industry — VRXML, VARS, and Excel as delivered by the various (re)vendors.

The feature-rich interface allows you to perform dozens of validation rules on these files, such as completeness, consistency, meta element checks, structure and content checks. In addition to the default rules, you can also define your own business rules related to contract & billing policies.

How to monitor compliance between client contracts and reported usage to help my auditing team?

Exchanges and (re)vendors often struggle to streamline and optimize the process of checking recurring compliance obligations.

INFOmatch solves this problem by automatically looking for discrepancies between reported usage and clients’ contractual obligations. All incompliant items are automatically flagged by the system, and as a result can be easily followed up by your license, compliance or operational team.

Some examples of compliance checks are:

  • Reported non-display use of data against the contract term of the client
  • Reported redistribution of data and redistribution agreement in place

How to optimize my client servicing processes?

As a vendor or exchange, you are often seeking the right balance between being data originator and data distributor. This requires taking the appropriate measures regarding data delivery, requesting data usage and check usage against consumer obligations.

INFOmatch offers you a complete solution for client onboarding & offboarding, reporting validation, compliance checking, contract management, and customer billing. We automate your clients’ requests such as new data orders, routing them to the appropriate license team(s) for approval and updating the relevant entitlements.

"INFOmatch gives Euronext’s data services clients a single point of access to all their market data account information and documentation"

Source: Michael Hodgson, Head of Information services at Euronext

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A deep dive into all the revenue management processes INFOmatch optimizes

Customer Insights (CRM)

Customer Insights (CRM)

A global, aggregated overview of all your customers — e.g. (re)vendors & financial institutions — broken down by type and region


License management

A fully customizable product catalog and client directory to track all (re)vendor & subscriber contracts and revenue — in one single central database


Usage Reporting & Compliance Monitoring

Monitor compliance — identify gaps — between client & (re)vendor contracts and reported usage


Billing & workflow for invoices

Automate your client billing process and check for retrospective changes for back billing & credits


Business Intelligence

Integrate BI (know your customer | profiling | peer group comparison), deliver up-to-date quality reports & dashboards, and improve commercial analysis


Client Servicing

An integrated client service portal, which allows for digital contracting, ordering products, usage reporting & invoice retrieval

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INFOmatch serves exchanges, brokers, data (re)vendors & distributors to pro-actively manage their outbound licensing. We enable you to optimize your processes around market data revenue management.