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Workflow & team collaboration software for enterprise request management

When your team can truly act as a team

Consistent workflows… clear communication… visibility into everyone’s workload and progress… Effective collaboration raises the value of your research, reference and information service. Workflow software enables you to get there.

Quest is the request management system and workflow management software that facilitates this level of collaboration and communication, regardless of where members of your team — or your customers — are located.

Priorities, managed. Quality, delivered.

Working out of a shared mailbox or spreadsheet takes up valuable time for your team — time that could be better spent on critical requests and customer communication.

What’s more, manual processes make it all too easy for urgent or priority projects to slip through the cracks.

With everything coming into Quest — your workflow management system — you finally have the ability to get an overview on all requests and assess priorities quickly. Easily flag items for time-sensitivity or unique value to the organization, without losing track of the big picture.

Never miss a critical deadline again because the request got lost in an inbox or spreadsheet.

quest team view


Wide views and focused views

Sometimes you need the big picture, and sometimes you need to focus.

“My Requests” enable each member of your team to zero in on their responsibilities. Bring in assistance on complex projects or cover absences by easily adding colleagues to a request.

Quest’s “workstreams” enable team members to tailor their work, without undermining consistency across the service.

And, at any time, expand back to the macro view by seamlessly switching to comprehensive dashboards or reports.

Workflow management software gets your team collaborating like never before.

Ready to track real-time actionable management metrics on each service request?

Learn how you can optimize your request management processes.

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Automate your workflows & improve efficiency

What's more? Quest allows you to automate:

  • your workflows through event-based business rules — no more triaging requests!
  • time tracking and integration with your billing system where needed
  • managing team calendars and working hours
  • responding to requests through its 2 proprietary bots 

Response bot

  • Machine learning powered automatic responses to FAQs
  • Configurable options ensure you are in control of what is sent
  • Suggestions can be made to assignees for review before sending to requestors
  • Reduce time spent on repetitive requests and increase speed of responses
  • Create workstream specific knowledge bases

Citation bot

  • Connect to web-based resources to retrieve request content via a matching identifier
  • Save valuable time by automatically handling requests for retrieving materials such as patents, dockets, and other information
  • Provide instant answers or document links to requestors



Key takeaways

Quest improves team collaboration and ensures you never miss priority requirements, while saving the time of manually managing workflows for research, reference and information requests. Fully customizable workflow software frees up your team to work better together. 

  • Enhance collaboration capabilities on large requests
  • Ensure visibility into entire workload and balancing capacity
  • Easily view focused views as well as big-picture overviews
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Quest provides business teams a central, simple way to handle needs from across the firm.

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Key Benefits
  • Request management system
  • Effective team collaboration & workflows
  • Searchable knowledge management tool