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Workflow & team collaboration software for enterprise request management

Improve your team collaboration & automate workflows for research, reference & information requests

Do you find it difficult to establish a clear workflow and promote team collaboration for all your research, reference & information requests?

Quest suits your bespoke workflow processes and facilitates better teamwork to improve visibility of shared workload within your team.

Effective workflows & strong team collaboration across the enterprise

In today’s 24/7 world — where every minute counts — firms need accurate information, delivered quickly. Providing rapid turnaround on research, reference & information requests — sometimes at a moment’s notice — is essential.

Working out of a shared mailbox or spreadsheet can prove cumbersome and requires more communication than preferable. Complex projects become hard to visualize and important service requests don’t always stand out.

Because of this, effective workflows and strong collaboration amongst research, legal, market data & business information services teams are essential.

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Workflow Collaboration Quest

Team collaboration software & workflow automation

Quest provides awareness of requests and the progress being made in handling them across the team. The system allows to seamlessly monitor team activity from the Dashboard and track own work in My Requests — all updated minute-by-minute. Teams of researchers and other takers of enterprise information can also be added for bigger projects.

Separate views allow users to focus on either a specific service request, work they own or are collaborating on, or the work of the team as a whole — and to switch between views seamlessly.

By utilizing Quest’s concept of workstreams, different teams can adopt their own unique workflows and limit their focus to what matters for them.

Ready to automate your workflow processes and facilitate better teamwork?

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Bespoke workflow management software

Quest is designed in partnership with cross-sector information service professionals. This means that Quest’s user experience and functionality have been tailored to suit the bespoke workflow processes of library, market data & business information services teams and can be easily customized to fit into your existing workflow.

That’s why our customers choose to use Quest instead of other more generic enterprise workflow collaboration software tools.

Key takeaways

Quest improves team collaboration & automates workflows for research, reference & information requests.

  • Provide insight into project scope, enabling workload balance across teams
  • Enhance collaboration capabilities on large requests
  • Different workstreams to silo teams
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Quest provides library, market data & business information services teams a central, simple way to handle research, reference & information needs from across the firm.

Enquiry & request management

Other processes Quest optimizes

Key Benefits
  • Request management software
  • Effective team collaboration & workflows
  • Searchable knowledge management software