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Spend reporting & analytics on your enterprise subscriptions

Modern, flexible and sophisticated reporting & analytics on your enterprise subscription spend

Are you being overwhelmed by urgent requests from management, other departments and third parties – such as exchanges and data vendors – for specific business spend and usage reports?

Optimize Spend* offers instant access to (historical) data and the ability to create custom reports and leverage sophisticated analytics & dashboards to slice and dice your data.

(*the best of FITS & INFOmatch combined into a best-of-breed solution with major enhancements)

Spend reporting & analytics with business intelligence

Accurate reporting on market data, research, software and enterprise subscription spend & usage to your users, financial controllers and auditors is essential. However, many firms are facing reporting limitations with their current spend management solutions. The reporting functionality is dated or inflexible and they have limited ability to create custom reports or to leverage sophisticated analytics.

Modern, flexible & sophisticated reporting, analysis and business intelligence dashboarding capabilities are all crucial to professionally manage and optimize your enterprise subscription spend. It allows you to deliver on cost transparency, reduce expenses, and manage risk and compliance.

"TRG Screen provides total reporting flexibility & sophisticated analytics. We are now able to deliver custom enterprise spend reports both to the internal business and external parties."

Custom reports & advanced analytics

Optimize Spend offers the most comprehensive analytics and reporting offering available to market data and information services managers today. With our spend reporting solutions, you have the information you need at your fingertips and the ability to customize reporting to suit your needs.

It empowers users to perform interactive reporting and advanced analytics on inventory and expense data. To provide total spend reporting flexibility, we provide a variety of reporting tools which allow you to provide fully customizable and comprehensive spend & analysis reports both to the internal business and external parties such as data vendors and exchanges.


Drill down reporting

Optimize Spend provides a rich set of (historical) data analysis and reporting features. It guarantees the highest levels of reporting flexibility and supports anyone in your organization having an interest in enterprise subscriptions – ranging from the end user to the data analyst and the business manager. Data can be aggregated from the highest level (e.g. cost per vendor) to the most detailed level (e.g. cost per product, per user, per month).



Dashboards give you instant access to the key performance drivers, pre-defined indicators and real-time analytics you need to steer your business to success. Easily drag and drop to visualize your current subscription spend environment and its changes (over any given time period) at a single glance. Drill down on any item to get a better understanding of any change (e.g. increase in data terminals, research sites or price). Powerful heatmaps indicate inefficiencies by analyzing average cost per user versus your internal benchmark.

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Optimize Spend enables you to deliver all type of reports, including:

  • Financial, accrual & budget reports: periodical contract costs compared to invoiced amounts & budgets
  • Organizational reports: track joiners and leavers
  • Contractual cost reports: cost reports based on contracts
  • Saving reports: saving opportunities based on allocation data (i.e. exchange fee overlap and product overlap reports)
  • Timeline reports: have insight in your cost development through time and history
  • MISU reports: Multiple Installation Single User reports to vendors and exchanges - pay only once for data even though it is delivered and displayed on multiple devices

Key benefits

  • Easily monitor key performance drivers, such as profit, cost, data usage, inventory, and more
  • Quickly spot potential business problems
  • Easy-to-use data visualization tools to help you identifying trends
  • Everyone within your organization receiving exactly the information they need for their roles
  • Drill-down capabilities let you dig into underlying data and leverage powerful analytics tool
  • Improved transparency & significant cost savings
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Optimize Spend serves several types of organizations and supports many departments. Whether you are an international investment bank or a smaller asset manager, a hedge fund or a broker, a data vendor sourcing market data, a professional service organization or a blue-chip company — Optimize Spend enables any firm to optimize their enterprise subscription spend.