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What is Optimize and why the name?

TRG Screen is working on a project to enhance its best-of-breed subscription management products and combine these into a single platform that will be called Optimize.

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The data and information from all these products will be seamlessly integrated into a single analytics hub that will unlock actionable insights. This will be called Optimize Insights. It will bring significant value, giving complete transparency over subscriptions so you can pinpoint ways to optimize both spend and usage – the only way to truly optimize the value of your subscriptions.

Hence the name Optimize.


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Why are you doing this and why now?

Over the last decade, TRG Screen has extended its portfolio by acquisition. It is now well positioned with an unrivalled solution that includes some of the best spend, usage, compliance and enquiry capabilities on the market.

The next logical step is to leverage these market leading products to pioneer a next generation solution. The strategy will unfold over a phased roadmap to:

  1. Align all products under one brand name in a single platform
  2. Allow customers to seamlessly manage subscriptions in one place
  3. Create a consistent and enhanced user experience
  4. Consolidate development where product capabilities overlap
  5. Deliver significant value for customers with an integrated insights hub

Overall, this will enable us to continue to offer you the best possible solution to meet your changing needs in the long-term.

Why should we choose Optimize over other competitor solutions?

TRG Screen is the only vendor who offers subscription spend, usage, compliance and enquiry capabilities from one provider. Optimize adds an important new dimension by allowing you to seamlessly manage and optimize all of this in one place – the entire lifecycle of your subscriptions in a single platform.

It brings together information regarding vendors, contracts, products and services for every user, and unlocks valuable analytics and actionable insights that will not be available anywhere else. Having this level of transparency and control over the entire subscription landscape is the only way to maximize subscription value across the enterprise.

In summary, Optimize will offer a complete enterprise subscription management solution in a single, unified platform with advanced analytics and actionable insights – the only one of its kind.

When is the Optimize launch and first release?

The vision behind Optimize was launched to the market end 2020 with the first release of Optimize Spend released end of Q2 2021 and Optimize Insights beginning of Q3 2022. Ongoing incremental releases will continue to add more functionality and enhancements. Delivering the entire strategy for every solution area will take place over a phased program.

Is this a brand-new platform or an evolution of an existing system?

Both. The roadmap will see all the existing products enhanced and improved as they come under the Optimize brand. The foundation of this new platform will be based on mature, stable and secure existing technology. The data and information from each product will be integrated into the Insights Hub, which is a brand-new system.

What can we expect from Optimize Insights?

Optimize Insights translates data from across TRG Screen subscription products into dynamic analytics and actionable insights. It is a brand-new analytics and insights hub that will help you pinpoint opportunities to optimize both subscription spend and usage.

Visual dashboards can be personalized to highlight notable trends and outliers critical to each job role. You can easily customize, share and schedule reports and visualizations, and use self-service tools to drill down, pivot or use natural language to queries to answer questions.



Optimize Insights will give users those real LIGHT BULB moments, hence the logo!

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What kind of insights can we expect, is this just another reporting tool?

Optimize Insights is much more than a reporting tool. While it offers comprehensive and flexible report design, library and scheduling tools using the very latest technology, it will deliver significant new value in the form of actionable insights that can trigger action.

Instead of manually manipulating data to get answers to your questions, it uses artificial intelligence to give you the answers ‘out of a box’. These will depend on the TRG Screen products you use, but could include:

  • Cost Drivers - How and why are my subscription costs changing over time?
  • Usage Drivers - How and why is my subscription usage changing over time?
  • Subscription Value - How much value do our subscriptions provide the company?
  • Maximize Value - What are the best opportunities to reduce costs or increase value?
  • Resource Utilization - What subscriptions are most or least utilized and who are the users?
  • Resource Allocation - Are we delivering the appropriate resources to users?
  • Role Profiling - Are subscriptions consistent for each role type across the company?
  • License Compliance - Are users sharing their credentials or accessing unlicensed resources?

You can make smarter, data-driven decisions that have a direct impact on subscription spend. Identify whether you are wasting money on unfulfilled and underused subscriptions, then take swift action to maximize value. You can easily track, monitor and demonstrate compliance with vendor agreements. And at the same time automate workflows and manage enquiries so you can operate more proactively and efficiently as a team.

Is Optimize Insights being offered as a stand-alone product?

While you can integrate third party data into the hub, Optimize Insights is offered as part of an enterprise subscription management solution from TRG Screen. You must have a license for one or more of the TRG Screen solutions – spend, usage, enquiries and/or compliance – to have access to Optimize Insights. This is because the analytics, insights and reporting is generated from data and information from each product you have licensed.

Who would benefit from this product?

Basically, anyone that wants or needs to have control and transparency over their subscriptions. Optimize delivers value across the whole enterprise and to a wide range of functions:

  • Those that oversee or manage subscriptions such as vendor negotiators, contract managers and accounts payable
  • Heads of function and senior managers that need the full picture to drive strategy and decision making
  • The users of the subscriptions to give them ownership and cost awareness

The beauty of Optimize Insights is that you can define dashboards to give you analysis and answers based on the job role. When setting up users, you can pick from a list of roles and it will tailor the visualizations and insights to their information and decision-making needs.

How does this change the individual TRG Screen products?

In addition to Optimize Insights, TRG Screen will enhance its best-of-breed subscription management products and bring them into the Optimize platform. The program will focus on its industry leading subscription spend management systems as the priority. Its subscription usage, compliance and enquiry management products will then be enhanced and integrated into the Optimize platform over a series of releases.

Does this replace existing spend management solutions – FITS and INFOmatch?

TRG Screen has integrated FITS and INFOmatch into a consolidated best-of-breed subscription spend management product with major new capabilities. This next generation solution is called Optimize Spend. Optimize Spend combines the best of both products and is much more than the sum of its parts. The new system is more intuitive with a modernized User Interface (UI) while being based on mature, stable and secure existing technology.

Aside from offering the most advanced subscription spend management platform available, it will enable TRG Screen to accelerate future development. By focusing resources on a single system, new functionality can be released much faster and TRG Screen can continue to offer customers the best possible solution to meet their changing needs.


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What enhancements do Optimize Spend bring?

Optimize Spend brings you greater automation to minimize manual input and maximize value-add. It also offers better connectivity and improved compliance management, with streamlined user experience to handle frequent use cases with minimum effort.


  • Rule-based straight-through-processing (“STP”) for invoices
  • Fully automate order and invoice approvals
  • Automatic reminders and tasks tracking for contract renewals
  • Minimize manual input, manage by exception, and maximize your time spent on adding value


  • Seamlessly connect HR, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Contract systems through automated API links
  • Connect internal applications and third-party systems to read and write data to/from Optimize Spend with web APIs
  • Use the APIs to connect third party robotics tools to automate based on your business workflows


  • Track and disseminate contractual rights to the correct audience
  • Identify out of contract usage
  • Built-in exchange policy and price notifications

What if we have/want more than one TRG Screen product?

TRG Screen is the only provider to offer a single platform solution for financial services, legal teams, professional services and blue-chip enterprises – everything you need in one place.

The ability to analyze data from across the different TRG Screen products is one of the major advantages of Optimize Insights.

You will have visibility and control over the entire lifecycle of your subscriptions in one place – spend, usage, compliance and enquiries – you can take fast, decisive action to get the greatest value from your subscriptions.

In summary, the more products you have, the better you will understand your subscription environment and therefore the greater value you can deliver to your enterprise.

Should we wait until the product we want moves over to Optimize?

The sooner you take advantage of the TRG Screen suite of solutions, the sooner you will realize the cost savings, improved utilization, workflow efficiencies and vendor compliance. Our solutions, as they stand today, already bring significant value to customers – with immediate ROI and 10-30% cost savings. Optimize gives you more advance tools that will better this, but why wait?

Also, the sooner your data is integrated into the products, sooner you will be able to take advantage of Optimize.

What technology is this built on?

The Optimize platform is built on modern, best-of-breed and secure technologies, delivered via the web to your browser. TRG Screen will continue to host in the present locations (US, EU and Singapore). The new platform will be managed within TRG Screen’s Information Security Management System which is independently certified to ISO27001:2013.

Are we able to trial or test the new products?

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Who do we contact for more information?

Contact us to speak to an expert or to arrange a demo.

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