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Market Data Terminal Usage Optimized

Track market data terminal usage across your organization with ResearchMonitor

Today, global spending on financial market data, analysis and news is topping $37.3 billion and is expected to keep growing by the year.

If your company is using premium market data products & services to support business activities, it is likely a significant amount of that spend is allocated to subscriptions on terminals.

But do you also know what your firm is exactly spending on these subscriptions? Do you understand how terminals are being used, by whom, and for what purposes?

ResearchMonitor’s installed application monitoring module provides insights into market data terminal and desktop application usage to help you better manage your terminal counts — thereby saving time & money and reducing risk.

Terminal usage optimization

ResearchMonitor helps to rationalize your firm’s use of market data terminals through comprehensive reporting into actual usage of these terminals. It supports you to optimize usage by accurately identifying:

  • Unused subscriptions — a subscription that is not in use will be a potential candidate for removal
  • Underused subscriptions — a subscription that is only used for a limited number of days is a potential candidate for sharing, removal, or moving to a more cost-effective platform

Advanced usage reporting & analytics

ResearchMonitor provides usage data and analysis at your fingertips. It includes high-level key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards and extensive drill-down functionality to the granular data and is highly customizable to support individual reporting and analysis requirements.

Usage data includes full period-on-period trend analysis to easily visualize and assess usage over time.

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Track record of usage transparency & cost containment

We have a track record of over 20 years helping investment banks, retail banks, wealth management, asset managers and other financial institutions gain full transparency over their terminal usage and optimize their market data spend.

ResearchMonitor gives you immediate visibility of the actual terminal usage in your organization to allow unused subscriptions to be turned off. Underused terminals can be easily identified, allowing them to be targeted for review with users and managers.

It allows you to track the continually changing usage landscape and contain your costs.

  • Cost transparency on market data terminal spend
  • Cost reduction — remove or displace market data terminals
  • Cost containment through reallocations

Usage & spend data combined

ResearchMonitor integrates with TRG Screen’s enterprise spend management software solution — Optimize Spend — to give you total visibility over both spend and usage.

Through our brand-new reporting & analytics platform — Optimize Insights — you are able to combine underlying data on spend and usage to provide tailored insights with powerful calls to action to help you optimize spend on market data and other information subscriptions.

Personalized dashboards allow you to maximize utilization, right-size subscription spend and improve efficiency.

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ResearchMonitor provides financial institutions, law firms, and professional services firms with a central system to manage and analyze all of your online subscriptions — such as market data, research & SaaS licenses — as well as installed desktop applications & market data terminals.

Usage tracking of web-based subscriptions & applications

Other processes ResearchMonitor optimizes

Key Benefits
  • Usage & trend analysis
  • Contract compliance
  • Access controls & user workflows