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Knowledge management system for business service requests

Leverage results with knowledge base capabilities

A comprehensive request management system turns your research responses into a knowledge management system. With Quest, every response goes into searchable knowledge base software for future work.

The system automatically:

  • Stores previous interactions in knowledge management software
  • Makes them searchable
  • Puts them at the fingertips of team members for reuse.

As a result, requests can be fulfilled faster and more consistently — right through your workflow software.

Beyond text

It’s one thing to search your “sent” mail for the text you know you sent last week on a similar request. It’s quite another to have a fully searchable and sortable knowledge management system of text, attachments, images and metadata, from responses provided by any team member, available to leverage at any time.

Plus, you can create, reuse and improve over time the templates you use to reply to requests, including images and links. That's what makes workflow management software like Quest truly come into its own.

Reduce lag time between request and fulfillment, and free up staff time to focus on the highest value work with knowledge management software integrated right into your request management system.



Ready to implement a fully searchable knowledge base to leverage previous service requests?

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Shared knowledge is valuable knowledge

When your team can share knowledge through your workflow software, they build on — instead of duplicate — each other's work.

With its knowledge management system fully integrated into your workflow management software, you squeeze the most value out of everyone's work.

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Key takeaways

Quest creates a fully searchable knowledge base of all previous research, reference and information requests, automatically through the normal operations of a request management service.

  • Eradicate duplicate work on common questions
  • Reduce request turnaround time and improve quality of service
  • Develop and reuse templated replies through streamlined workflow software
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Quest provides business teams a central, simple way to handle needs from across the firm.

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Key Benefits
  • Request management system
  • Effective team collaboration & workflows
  • Searchable knowledge management tool