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The Axon market data compliance platform reduces your market data compliance risk

Many firms struggle with the ever-increasing complexity and variety of stock exchange policies and administration requirements.

Axon’s technology platform is disrupting market data management practices with its automated processes designed by industry-leading experts with a focus on automating compliance, reporting and policy management.

The platform consists of PEAR, ACT, ADS, ADP and ACR, which provide a consolidated approach to market data management – driving efficiency and productivity.

Who is Axon?

Axon is a technology-driven product and services business with a focus on disrupting the current approach to market data management. Established in 2014 —beginning with Axon’s flagship product PEAR — Axon has gone from strength to strength by using technology to simplify market data reporting and administration.

The Axon Market Data Compliance Platform now provides a full range of products and services to complement PEAR and is recognized by the industry as a leader in its field.

The Axon platform is designed by a team of highly skilled market data professionals — providing you with the highest levels of market data knowledge and expertise.

In June 2019 Axon Financial Systems — the leading provider of exchange policy and compliance solutions — joined the TRG Screen family. The acquisition of Axon will further solidify TRG Screen’s position as a global market leader in enterprise spend management for financial market data.


At the core of Axon’s solution is the Axon knowledge base - PEAR (Policies, Explanations, Analytics, Repository). PEAR is an industry leading exchange compliance database that provides you with a consolidated view of the latest stock exchange information, including policies and pricing in a searchable online database – an invaluable tool for any market data team.

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  • Full policy & pricing history

  • Global exchange coverage

  • Cost-saving policies highlighted


The Application Compliance Tool (ACT) is a fully customizable application workflow tool for managing the recertification and onboarding process of proprietary market data applications. ACT provides you with a clear and dynamic view of the exchange compliance obligations for all your firm’s applications.

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  • Identifies licensing requirements based upon application market data usage

  • Identifies market data pricing & policy changes

  • Provides a customizable view of announcements


The Axon Declaration Service (ADS) provides an outsourced solution for your exchange and vendor reporting process. The ADS  solution takes care of the time-consuming elements of  preparing exchange and vendor declarations through the implementation of comprehensive, client-specific rule sets.

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  • Ongoing management of exchange & client-specific rules

  • Audit-friendly reports ensuring compliance

  • Maximizes the benefits of netting programs & fee waivers


The Axon Declaration Portal (ADP) is a white label solution that provides market data vendors and exchanges with the ability to streamline the collection and management of market data usage declarations via a web portal. ADP delivers a simple, yet comprehensive online solution to market data reporting.

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  • Consolidated view of current declarations & trend analysis

  • Provides an auditable process

  • Streamlines market data usage reporting


Supported by the content from PEAR, the Axon Compliance Review (ACR) offers complete transparency into your firm’s licensing and reporting requirements. ACR helps firms establish where they sit within the market data compliance spectrum, and makes recommendations for savings, efficiencies and process improvements.

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  • Identifies netting & other potential cost saving strategies

  • Populates licences & apps in PEAR & ACT

  • Complete view of your market data environment

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Whether you are a Tier 1 investment bank, an exchange or a hedge fund. Axon's technology  platform can help any firm to reduce their market data compliance risk.