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Axon Market Data Compliance Platform

Exchange Compliance & Reporting

The Axon market data compliance platform reduces your market data compliance risk

Many firms struggle with the ever-increasing complexity and variety of stock exchange policies and administration requirements.

Axon’s technology platform is disrupting market data management practices with its automated processes designed by industry-leading experts with a focus on automating compliance, reporting and policy management.

The platform consists of PEAR, ACT, ADS, ADP and ACR, which provide a consolidated approach to market data management – driving efficiency and productivity.

Who is Axon?

Axon is a technology-driven product and services business with a focus on disrupting the current approach to market data management. Established in 2014 —beginning with Axon’s flagship product PEAR — Axon has gone from strength to strength by using technology to simplify market data reporting and administration.

The Axon Market Data Compliance Platform now provides a full range of products and services to complement PEAR and is recognized by the industry as a leader in its field.

The Axon platform is designed by a team of highly skilled market data professionals — providing you with the highest levels of market data knowledge and expertise.

In June 2019 Axon Financial Systems — the leading provider of exchange policy and compliance solutions — joined the TRG Screen family. The acquisition of Axon will further solidify TRG Screen’s position as a global market leader in enterprise spend management for financial market data.

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Whether you are a Tier 1 investment bank, an exchange or a hedge fund. Axon's technology  platform can help any firm to reduce their market data compliance risk.