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Enquiry & Request Management Simplified

From 'chaos' to order - efficiency in your request management processes

If business requests are in shared inboxes, spreadsheets, task lists and different systems, you can’t keep track of urgency, priorities or progress.

Quest — a comprehensive request management system — creates order for research, information, market data, operational & similar service teams dealing with a high volume of enquiries and requests.

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Quest takes over the management of your enquiry workflow, ensuring you can focus on the four stages that make up ‘value add’ for a request management system: Request, Resolve, Report, Reuse.

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How do customers use Quest? (some examples)

Information research team managing requests

A busy corporate information service fields dozens of research queries every week. With Quest, they ensure every request gets appropriate attention, according to priority and value. Plus, they report monthly to the business on the volume of queries and the value they have added through expert services. What’s more, last month’s responses become this month’s knowledgebase.

Sharing capacity of executive assistant

A professional services firm assigns assistants to multiple executives. Using Quest, the assistants are better able to provide top-notch, tailored support to each executive. They can easily manage competing requests with different levels of priority and timescales. When crunch times come, they can provide clear reports to enable value-driven decisions about where to focus, and even get additional capacity from other assistants through seamless collaboration. Additionally, the risks of missed work due to holidays, sick leave and staff turnover are significantly reduced.

Admin team managing request for design and communications services

The administrative team of a financial organization manages requests for design support services. Quest keeps them on top of work-in-progress: They track progress, even when designers are out of the office, and collaborate on complex requests. Their historical and quarterly reports enable them to predict future capacity needs.

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Quest provides business teams a central, simple way to handle needs from across the firm.