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Contract management software for your enterprise subscriptions

Easily track of all your contracts, identify redundant services and optimize contract renewals

Are you spending too much time pouring over contracts from providers to look up current prices, expiry & renewal dates, rules, and terms & conditions?

Optimize Spend* offers you a full function procurement environment listing of all your providers’ contracts — including prices, expiry & renewal dates, rules, terms & conditions.

(*the best of FITS & INFOmatch combined into a best-of-breed solution with major enhancements)

Centralizing contract management

Keeping track of a large number of complex contracts — such as market data, research, software license & information services agreements — is a challenge. Vendor contracts are frequently designed to renew automatically and canceling a contract outside its set cancellation period can be very expensive or impossible.

Data managers often struggle to determine which services the firm has subscribed to, and to identify which contracts are no longer required. Centralizing contract information can save valuable management time by providing transparency into costs, and a fast and easy way to find information.

“TRG Screen is the best at enabling cost & contract management and controlling the overall vendor relationship. The contract expiry notifications are invaluable.”

One repository for all your contract information

We deliver enterprise contract management software to get a firm grip on even the most complex commercial arrangements, pricing structures, and terms & conditions. Optimize Spend acts as your central repository of commercial agreements and active subscriptions to reconcile vendor inventory and invoicing.

Armed with this level of accuracy & granularity and backed up with evidence-based intelligence, you can enter negotiations with more confidence and expect to optimize contract renewals. At the same time, you will ensure compliance with licensing agreements and identify redundant services to save costs.


Proactive contract expiry notifications

Contracts are the central element in Optimize Spend. They are the only evidence for paying vendor invoices. Contract components can be allocated to the individual users, and your contractual costs are the basis for calculating budgets.

Our enterprise contract management system allows for building contract hierarchy — with master and sub-agreements — and add addenda & non-disclosure agreements. By setting up proactive contract action notifications you never have to deal with unwanted auto-renewals or expirations again.



Key takeaways

Optimize Spend acts as your central contract management solution.

  • Central repository of all your contract information
  • Identification of redundant services to save costs
  • Proactive contract action notifications & workflow
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Optimize Spend serves several types of organizations and supports many departments. Whether you are an international investment bank or a smaller asset manager, a hedge fund or a broker, a data vendor sourcing market data, a professional service organization or a blue-chip company — Optimize Spend enables any firm to optimize their enterprise subscription spend.