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Management metrics for internal request management

Accurately track management metrics & create custom reports through bespoke request management software

Do the research, reference & information needs of your firm often seem opaque when viewing the bigger picture? Do you find it hard to extract useful and actionable data about the research you are doing? Which departments are requesting what information? How often? When? It is not always easy to tell.

Quest is a workflow tool designed to allow internal library, market data & business information services teams to manage requests from the business while tracking the process and generating real-time actionable metrics to help find efficiencies.

Real-time management metrics & KPIs

Real-time management metrics and performance indicators provide essential information and guidance. Being able to identify emerging trends and consult historical data about your firm’s research, reference & information needs helps with planning for the future. It also helps provide a clearer picture of value added.

Management Metrics Quest

Powerful customized reporting

Quest — the request & workflow management software tool — provides a solution. By tracking extensive, fully customizable data on each research & service request, it provides a rich source of information from which to draw. Powerful reporting functionality allows all this information to be utilized, and creating custom, informative, and visually appealing custom reports is a matter of a few clicks.

Quest allows research, legal, market data & business information services teams to gain a fuller understanding of their relationships with others in the firm and a clear picture of the value added.

Ready to track extensive, fully customizable data on each service request?

Learn how you can track real-time actionable management metrics.

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Bespoke management metrics

Quest is designed in partnership with cross-sector information service professionals. This means that Quest’s user experience and functionality has been tailored to suit the much-needed bespoke management metrics of library, market data & business information services teams and can be easily customized to fit into your existing workflow.

That’s why our customers choose to use Quest instead of other more generic inquiry management systems.

Key takeaways

Quest is a dedicated request management system designed to allow internal teams to manage service requests while tracking the process and generating metrics to help find efficiencies.

  • Enable justification of budget and headcount based on workload statistics
  • Tagging requests allows you to report and allocate & re-charge costs to projects and clients
  • Dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of research & business information requests and individual performance
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Quest provides library, market data & business information services teams a central, simple way to handle research, reference & information needs from across the firm.

Enquiry & request management

Other processes Quest optimizes

Key Benefits
  • Request management tool
  • Effective team collaboration & workflows
  • Searchable knowledge base tool