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Management metrics for request management

Track management metrics and create custom reports

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Quest’s request management system gives you powerful analytics and insight capabilities you need to determine:

  • Which elements of your service request management are used most
  • Which team members are over, under or at capacity
  • How the service supports key customer groups

...and so much more.

Evaluate performance

Quest can be completely configured to your requirements for measurement of your request management system — who, what, when, how.

You’ll finally have full visibility into how research, market data, operational and information services are supporting the business, at your fingertips and updated in real time — actionable insights.

Evaluate performance and plan for the future based on data, not guesswork.

Management Metrics Quest

Out of the box, highly configurable

Designed with the direct input of information professionals, Quest provides reporting right out of the box, based on best practice in streamlined, effective request management systems and team collaboration software. Get started immediately, capturing and using the data generated by your workflow management software.

But you’re not confined to this starting point: You have full control over how you set up your workflows, to ensure you are capturing — and can report on — the key performance indicators of your request management system that matter to you and your business, with just a few clicks.

Ready to track real-time actionable management metrics on each service request?

Learn how you can optimize your request management processes.

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Manage and enhance value

Go beyond request volumes and time spent to determine the actual value of your request management system.

Whether you need to allocate charge-backs to clients or projects, or simply want to better understand how your business derives value from your services, Quest’s workflow software captures and provides the data you need to dig deeper into service statistics to determine realized value.

All your request, enquiry and workflow management metrics can also be integrated into our Optimize Insights platform. By combining these data with your spend and usage information you are able to create dashboards that offer holistic visualizations of the entire lifecycle of your subscriptions.



Key takeaways

Quest is a comprehensive request management system that generates powerful analytics and actionable insights to find efficiencies and demonstrate value.

  • Justify or adjust budget and headcount based on workload statistics
  • Report, allocate and re-charge costs to projects and clients through tagging
  • Easily view snapshots or generate in-depth custom reports with a few clicks
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Quest provides business teams a central, simple way to handle needs from across the firm.

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Key Benefits
  • Request management system
  • Effective team collaboration & workflows
  • Searchable knowledge management tool