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5 steps to secure vendor compliance

Checklist: 5 Steps to Secure Vendor Contract Compliance

There is a heavy price to pay for financial institutions that consume market data and other information sources but fail to comply with supplier contracts.

Getting to grips with data usage is a challenging task because there is so little existing infrastructure in place to track the use of information services, causing a real lack of transparency into actual data usage across a firm - leaving firms vulnerable. If you could easily understand access and usage, the benefits could be significant, don't you agree?

3 challenges of market data invoicing & licensing

3 Challenges of Market Data Invoicing & Licensing

Information & data managers at financial institutions are being asked to administer an endlessly growing list of information sources, greatly adding to the burden of managing the already-challenging relationships with vendors.

Firms’ appetite for cloud-delivered services and the trend towards working from home are also testing existing data licensing norms. The sheer volume and variety of licensing agreements means firms’ data teams are increasingly stretched.

7 Steps to build a business case for an Enterprise Inventory & Cost Management Platform

Financial institutions and large enterprises consume a broad range of services on a subscription basis to meet their complex business needs – from software and hardware to market data, research and subscriptions to telecoms, legal and consulting expenses.

Many are fed up with spreadsheets and manual processes used to manage these subscriptions and realize their firm would benefit from implementing a centralized enterprise inventory system & cost management platform. Maybe this is you, but are finding it difficult securing budget and selling the concept internally? In that case, here are 7 steps that you can take to help secure buy-in from senior management and other influencers.