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Enterprise document storage software

Effectively manage all documents & files related to your enterprise subscriptions

Are you frustrated trying to keep your filing system matched up with your enterprise subscription inventory? Difficult to get access to your files when working remotely? Impossible to search for key terms across your contracts?

FITS’s & INFOmatch’s document storage capabilities provide a complete solution to storing and organizing your documents. Simply upload your documents and files relating to contracts, invoices, vendors, and more.

Challenges in Document Management

Managing documents related to your market data, research, software & information services — such as orders, invoices and contracts — can be a difficult challenge. Common issues include keeping filing systems up to date, maintaining internal network drives or SharePoint sites, accessing files remotely, or worse, having documents buried in email.

Market data managers and information service managers often seem to struggle to find the documents or information when they need them, or they may find it difficult to research or compare terms or costs.

“By having a central, organized repository of all our documents related to our enterprise subscriptions we are able to save valuable time and resource.”

Effective Document Management

To achieve effective document management, managers need a central repository for all relevant documents, which is easily organized, categorized, tracked, secure and fully searchable. If you can tie your documents to the relevant records in your market data inventory or spend management platform, you can rapidly increase the speed of access to crucial information when you need it.

Tie in search capabilities across all of those documents, with an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability, and you can then search for keywords across all document types, including PDF and image files such as scanned documents. You also need to consider security of your files, back up and disaster recovery, and ensure you have access control to manage who can upload, download and delete documents.

Document Management

Document storage in FITS & INFOmatch

FITS & INFOmatch enable you to upload all your documents and files relating to contracts, invoices, vendors and more. All those documents can be linked directly to your relevant records, and are visible as you work in your spend management system. You are able to easily search for key terms using a powerful search engine, which includes OCR capabilities allowing you to search inside scanned documents.

Through user-level access control you can determine who can upload, download and delete documents, and all data is encrypted in transit. FITS & INFOmatch provide ultimate ease-of-access to all documents related to your enterprise subscriptions. By having a central, organized repository you prevent wasting valuable time and resource.

Key takeaways

FITS & INFOmatch effectively manage all documents related to your enterprise subscriptions.

  • Store documents against contracts, invoices, and more
  • Powerful search engine including OCR
  • User-level access control & uncompromising security
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Our solutions serve several types of organizations and support many departments. Whether you are an international investment bank or a smaller asset manager, a hedge fund or a broker, a data vendor sourcing market data, a professional service organization or a blue-chip company — both FITS and INFOmatch enable any firm to optimize their enterprise subscription spend.