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Request tracking software

Streamline & strengthen your request tracking

Consistent processes, templated replies, standard procedures — all are long-term improvements to streamline and strengthen your request management system.

Quest automates the management of your service requests, freeing up your team to do what they can do best: creative problem solving, customer service and collaboration.

If you need to:

  • Track both short-term and long-term requests
  • Manage small and large projects
  • Handle the needs of different departments through your request management system
  • Coordinate information and answers from various resources and databases

Quest will enable you to simplify, automate and organize all of these details in a single, searchable environment, which enables team collaboration and creates knowledge management.

Status update? Easy

A centralized environment for service request management enables complete transparency into activity, assignments, progress and results of your request management service.

Easily configure and generate regular reports based on the management metrics you define, or create snapshots on the fly. And easy-to-read dashboards, always showing real-time information, give you an overview of the entire request management system.

Never miss an urgent request again.

quest dashboard


Workflows and communication that really work

Quest also allows multiple workstreams for different teams — each with their own workflows and communication channels. End the lengthy “reply all” email threads where crucial information can be missed, and ensure that all members of your team use defined best practice for managing the work — workflow software does the hard work for you.

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Designed with you in mind

We designed Quest in partnership with information service professionals and regularly update features in response to their requests. As a result, Quest’s user experience and service request management functionality suit the unique workflow requirements of research, information, market data and similar service teams.

You get an out-of-the-box experience designed for best practice in service request management, while still retaining the flexibility to customize workflows, templates and reports to your specifications.

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Key takeaways

Quest is a comprehensive request management system that provides:

  • Error-free automated request management from submission through completion
  • Seamless communication, improving speed and quality of responses through customizable workflow software
  • Real-time reporting across a variety of views
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Quest provides library, market data & business information services teams a central, simple way to handle research, reference & information needs from across the firm.

Enquiry & request management

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Key Benefits
  • Request management system
  • Effective team collaboration & workflows
  • Searchable knowledge management tool