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Request tracking software for research & service requests

Streamline & bring transparency into your service request tracking through an automated request management system

Do you find it difficult to stay on top of the research, reference & information needs of your firm? Are you able to keep track of both short-term, urgent business requests and large projects? Are you handling the needs of various departments? Finding information across numerous resources and databases?

Quest is comprehensive request management software — which seamlessly integrates with your existing email system — to simplify customer experience and improve quality of service.

Transparency into all your service requests

Streamlining and bringing transparency to this service request management process is crucial. Having a centralized destination to handle all the firm’s research, reference & information needs allows library, market data & business information services teams to focus on what matters. It empowers you to provide accurate and timely information.

Quest is automated request tracking and ticketing management software that allows you to do exactly this.

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Ticketing Platform Quest

Request tracking & workflow management system

Quest provides real-time, up-to-the-minute information with a variety of views that set the focus right where you need it. It allows users to seamlessly communicate from the ticketing platform, streamlining workflow. It also tracks additional information — on each request — in a completely customizable way, allowing powerful reporting on trends and other high-level metrics.

Quest also allows multiple workstreams for different teams — each with their own workflows and communication channels — simplifying and clarifying everyone’s views and protecting confidential information.

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Bespoke user experience & request tracking software

Quest is designed in partnership with cross-sector information service professionals. This means that Quest’s user experience and request tracking  functionality have been tailored to suit the bespoke workflow processes of library, market data & business information services teams and can be easily customized to fit into your existing workflow.

That’s why our customers choose to use Quest instead of other more generic request tracking systems.

Key takeaways

Quest provides a comprehensive platform to your service request management needs.

  • Real-time information across a variety of views
  • Remove error-prone manual tracking of requests in email and spreadsheets
  • Seamless communication that improves speed and quality of responses
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Quest provides library, market data & business information services teams a central, simple way to handle research, reference & information needs from across the firm.

Enquiry & request management

Other processes Quest optimizes

Key Benefits
  • Request management system
  • Effective team collaboration & workflows
  • Searchable knowledge management tool