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We offer a suite of products to address the challenges faced by library, research and knowledge management departments in the legal sector. Our solutions are specifically designed to assist information professionals better manage their operations.

ResearchMonitor Usage Tracking Online Subscriptions Quest Request Management System SmartRecharge online information invoice processing software

Typical challenges facing the legal sector

  • Transparency of usage of external electronic resources and information services
  • Managing incoming research requests
  • Storing and managing information contracts
  • Managing passwords for access to information
  • Processing of incoming information vendor invoices
  • Proving departmental value using accurate data
  • Enabling mobile access to research and current awareness for attorneys

How we help optimizing online resource management

Our products help information professionals overcome these common online resource management challenges. They are designed to help your information department deliver better service more efficiently, while improving access to online information and providing a simple approach to managing library research & reference requests.

  • Improve access to information - reduce barriers to information access through smart account and password management
  • Cancel underused subscriptions - reduce costs by terminating unutilized resources
  • Negotiate favourable contracts - negotiate with information vendors armed with accurate unbiased usage statistics
  • Facilitate and promote mobile research - improve access to online resources for mobile users, in combination with delivering a custom firm branded library app
  • Control excessive research spend - implement cross vendor controls limiting access to costly excluded content
  • Actively channel research behaviour - direct researchers to preferred information providers based on search type and long term single provider strategy
  • Justify departmental budgets - prove department value through targeted resource usage management reports
  • Pass accurate costing on to clients - support cost recovery bill back practices through matter code validation and cost assignment
  • Determine ROI of intranet investment - identify effectiveness of intranet design through usage behaviour analysis targeting areas for future development

Our Legal clients

We serve several types of law firms and support many departments & multiple business functions — all having their specific needs and requirements when it comes to professional enterprise subscription management.

Typical departments & business functions we support:

  • Chief knowledge officer
  • Director of information services
  • Director of library
  • Reference librarian
  • Research librarian
  • Information & research specialist
  • Manager of library services
  • Director of research & competitive intelligence
  • Global financial applications manager
  • Technology procurement specialist
  • Compliance officer
  • Head of IT

A selection of subscriptions our clients optimize:

  • Research
  • Information services
  • Data applications
  • Hardware
  • Expert network
  • IT contracts
  • Software licenses
  • SaaS subscriptions
  • Publications & subscriptions
  • Telecom
  • Rental & insurance costs
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