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Cost & expense allocation system for your enterprise subscriptions

Accurately track and allocate your enterprise costs across multiple expense categories

Do you find it difficult, or impossible, to allocate your enterprise subscription costs & expenses back to the underlying business units that incurred them in order to develop a true profit & loss?

FITS & INFOmatch facilitate a single view of costs & expenses, which enable you to accurately allocate costs across the actual consumers of data to truly understand profitability.

Accounting & cost allocation

Many enterprises struggle to accurately track and allocate recurring costs across multiple expense categories. Firms often don’t know which products — such as market data, research, software & other information services — are being used where in the organization, and against which costs.

A professional spend management solution can bring relief by bringing you the much-needed strong accounting and cost allocation capabilities to optimize enterprise-wide cost transparency and efficiency.

“TRG Screen allows us to generate a single view of our enterprise subscription costs, and to accurately allocate expenses across the actual consumers of data.”

Enterprise-wide cost transparency & full control

With our enterprise expense management solutions — FITS & INFOmatch — cost & expense allocations can be expertly managed. You can centrally monitor and track costs for each of your offices, departments & employees globally — both on an actual and historical basis.

Cost can be aggregated to any level, ranging from the most detailed level (i.e. cost per product, user, and month) to the highest level (i.e. cost per vendor or department). This allows for detailed reporting down to the employee-level. It provides a maximum level of enterprise-wide cost transparency, full control, and accountability.

Central expense cost allocation

Automated cost & expense allocations

But there is more. Our sophisticated data interface modules seamlessly integrate your vendor and corporate data into FITS & INFOmatch. Vendor-specific data interfaces automate the import of entitlement & allocation files for vendors such as Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, IDC, LexisNexis, and many more. This automates the MAC management process (moves, additions and cancellations) and simplifies allocating costs to the actual consumers of data.

To avoid double manual entry FITS & INFOmatch also have direct connections to your accounts payable systems to transfer accurate and up-to-date expense allocations. This gives ‘Accounting’ immediate detailed insight into the cost per cost center, thereby supporting even more efficient internal cost tracking, allocating, and control.

Key takeaways

FITS and INFOmatch act as your central expense & cost allocation software solution

  • Enterprise-wide cost transparency, control amp; accountability
  • Accurate cost allocation across the actual consumers of data
  • Automated cost allocations & expense transfers to AP
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Our solutions serve several types of organizations and support many departments. Whether you are an international investment bank or a smaller asset manager, a hedge fund or a broker, a data vendor sourcing market data, a professional service organization or a blue-chip company — both FITS and INFOmatch enable any firm to optimize their enterprise subscription spend.

Enterprise spend management

Other processes FITS & INFOmatch optimize