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SmartRecharge - Invoice Processing Software for Online Research

Invoice processing software for online research

SmartRecharge is invoice processing software for online research

Globally, it helps lawyers and legal professionals simplify the online research chargeback process, and improve insight into cost allocation.

SmartRecharge automates the delivery of research charge reports to the people who need them, and remove virtually all manual work involved in finalizing and posting charges to the billing system.

Streamline research charge processing and improve cost visibility – for LexisNexis, Westlaw, PACER, Bloomberg Law, and more


Save time & money

Automate monthly processing and reconciliation of vendor invoices


Simplify the recharge process

Introduce common recharge process across multiple vendors


Improve cost communication

Through automated notifications to library, attorneys and partners


Improve library profile

Through increased communication and better management reporting


Monitor unauthorized expenditure

Automatically alert library managers to excessive spending patterns


Increase client chargeback rates

Shorten the billing cycle and improve charge description on client bills

Ready to simplify your online research chargeback process?

Learn how to optimize invoice processing for online research.

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