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DKF 2020 Goes Virtual

May 14, 2020

Our DKF 2020 event will be brought to your living room with an online live special. The central theme of this virtual event: "If the trading room is now in the living room, what does this mean for collaboration, IT security, and compliance?"

COVID-19 has caused levels of disruptions far beyond anything we have experienced thus far in the financial information services industry. Our ways of working are currently undergoing tremendous change and it remains yet to be seen how, and to what extent, our professional lives will settle on a new normal.

Is Working From Home the new normal? Early experiences with internet-based collaboration tools suggest that it just may work. But are we truly equipped for this from a technological, operational and regulatory point of view? What solutions can vendors, regulatory bodies and end-user firms offer?

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INFOmatch Academy

May 28, 2020 

Topic: Service Eligibility Rules*

Time: 10 am - 10:30 am CET

As part of our INFOmatch user training program, we are offering clients web-based training sessions each month.  These free-of-charge sessions concentrate on a specific INFOmatch element.

*This month's online training will explain the 'Service Eligibility Rules', a brand new feature in INFOmatch which allows you to monitor if users are eligible for a specific service based on user's department or location. In addition it is possible to create an eligibility rule based on the maximum and minimum contract item quantity.

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