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ADP - Axon Declaration Portal

market data usage declarations for exchanges & vendors

ADP is an online solution for declaring market data usage

ADP (Axon Declaration Portal) is an online portal that provides market data vendors and exchanges with the ability to collect and manage their clients’ market data usage declarations delivering a simple, yet comprehensive online solution for declaring market data usage.

Globally, ADP creates a market data declaration ecosystem for exchanges and vendors — allowing  clients to easily declare their usage through a single login.


Automate the workflow of the declaration process

Many firm struggle to keep on top of the various tasks attached to their declaration process. With ADP, automated market data declaration requests and reminders are sent out via email to all your subscribing clients. The status of each client declaration is monitored by the ADP administration portal – streamlining the whole process.


Help your clients comply with reporting obligations

Ensuring compliance with reporting obligations can be challenging if you don't have a standard method of managing market data usage declarations.  ADP provides a simplified systematic declaration process, improving accuracy throughout the whole process – making it easier for your client to comply with their reporting obligations.


Simplify the collection of market data usage

The cumbersome process of collecting  market data declarations through spreadsheets being sent back and forth by email is no longer required. ADP allows users to submit their monthly declarations in a matter of clicks through a simple web form – eliminating the time-consuming process by minimising manual intervention.

Optimize your market data usage declaration process

Many exchanges and vendors – large and small – struggle with the time-consuming and repetitive manual processes associated with the collection and management of market data usage declarations. ADP is designed to specifically solve this problem.


How to streamline the collection and management of market data usage declarations?

Today, many exchanges and vendors are challenged with the task of collecting and managing market data usage declarations. Do you currently have no standard method  in place to collect this information?

Does your current process of collecting this data typically involve an inefficient process of spreadsheets being sent back and forth via email which need to be collated and reconciled with a central billing system?

The solution is to have access to a simple yet very effective browser-based entry form, removing the need for email-based declarations. This eliminates the time-consuming process by minimizing manual intervention – improving accuracy throughout the whole process.

This approach provides a reliable cost-effective solution that allows exchanges and vendors to provide their clients with a straightforward declaration process.

500+ happy market data professionals world-wide

Our global footprint of clients ranges from Tier 1 investment banks, through hedge funds, to exchanges. And yes, we’re pretty proud to be serving 80% of the top 15 global banks in the world.

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Learn how you can optimize your market data declaration process

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How ADP can help optimize your market data declaration process


Consolidated View

Provides an instant view of the status of your clients' current declarations along with trend analysis of previous declarations.


Centralised Database

Declarations collected from all your clients are consolidated in a central auditable database which can be used to feed the billing process.


Role-based logins

Multiple levels of access to the portal are available to allow you to manage which of your clients is allowed to read, save and submit their declarations.

Compliance & Password Management

Easy Access

ADP provides market data clients with a simple and easy to use web enabled interface via secure login.

Mobile Usage Management

Cloud Based Service

The ADP is a resilient cloud-based service which is backed up to ensure data is retained for audit purposes in line with exchange and vendor policy.


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ADP  is an online portal providing market data vendors and exchanges with the ability to collect and manage their clients’ market data usage declarations.

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  • Policy management
  • Secured compliance & reporting
  • Market data knowledge & expertise