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Stay on top of 2024 exchange updates for a successful start to the New Year

Market data professionals, kickstart your 2024 on top. PEAR (Policies, Explanations, Analytics, Repository) helps you to keep up to date with the latest exchange policy trends and interpretations by providing access to information around exchange products, including the fees for accessing & distributing data, as well as understanding how to use the data compliantly.

Stay on top of 2024 exchange updates

Feeling overwhelmed by the influx of 2024 market data exchange updates? No need to worry, we've got you covered! 🧐

TRG Screen's PEAR is the ultimate tool to help you stay on top of all your market data exchange policy and price changes effective in 2024.

So far this year, PEAR has 93 new exchange documents, updating over 2300 licence fees and over 750 data charges across 33 exchanges. Some PEAR policy updates for 2024 include Non-Display & Fee Waivers. PEAR monitors over 700 exchange documents daily to ensure that our clients are always well-informed and up-to-date. 

Why PEAR is an absolute game-changer for any market data team⬇

Here are 8 reasons why market data professionals trust and depend on PEAR to simplify their daily tasks and enhance their market data compliance:

  1. The 'comPEAR' feature
  2. Searchable information using vendor codes
  3. Standardized terminology
  4. Includes product & licence hierarchy structures
  5. History of exchange pricing and policy information
  6. Notifications of exchange announcements & upcoming changes
  7. Vendor Data Notifications (DNs) for Refinitiv & Bloomberg
  8. PEAR can cost 'What IF' scenarios

Kickstart 2024 on top. Login to PEAR to stay up-to-date

Start the year off right by logging into PEAR to gain a comprehensive overview of all the exchange updates. If you're not currently using PEAR and would like to learn more about our product, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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