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Expert service for your reference data usage monitoring requirements

Xmon is the leading solution for monitoring reference data usage in real-time, optimizing spend and ensuring usage compliance.

No time or resources to manage? No worries! With Xmon Insights — Xmon’s managed service — we help you make the most of the analytics and optimization opportunities available to you.

Xmon Insights – Expert service for your reference data usage monitoring requirements

Xmon Insights - Managed Services for Reference Data Usage Management 💡

Xmon Insights gives your team access to experts in reference data pricing models and usage agreements. It allows your business to make the most of Xmon and to swiftly respond to cost optimization, analytics and usage compliance requirements — efficiently and precisely.

Xmon Insights provides intra- and end-of-month benefits delivered by a team of experts — working as an extension of your market data team, to provide intra-month, ad-hoc and end of billing cycle benefits.

How can Xmon Insights help you?

During the month 📅

👉🏼 Need an ad-hoc data usage or compliance report?

Our team is always at hand to quickly perform data extracts and ad-hoc reports to answer your pressing requirements around usage, costs, allocations, and more.

We generate custom reports and dashboards to provide answers on your data usage, data spend, or any other ad-hoc requirement for data usage analytics.

👉🏼 Need for a cost estimation of a data request? Need to understand the impact of a new commercial model on budgeting?

Our team sets up cost simulation reports — under different scenarios of your specification — for example a new pricing structure or current usage model.

We explain how this price is calculated and any additional details your team needs to be aware of. This will give you a complete picture, allowing you to make informed decisions based on facts and backed by data.

👉🏼 Need help allocating spend for internal consumers?

Xmon helps you allocate cost per internal system on an ongoing basis. Even if requests originate from a single mastering application — for example an EDM system.

Through advanced tagging functionality we provide granularity of your consumption. Our team is at hand to create operational workflows and tagging rules to allow a fair and granular allocation.

👉🏼 Need to on-board new consumers to Xmon and ensure they are correctly provisioned, monitored and controlled?

Our team will provision consumers, test connectivity and apply data entitlement and usage rule sets — all depending on their requirements for data.

This saves valuable time whilst assuring that consumers will get the data they require, in an environment that is controlled and monitored.

This important step ensures that costs remain under control, proactively avoids rogue requests and blocks cost spikes.

At the end of the month and billing cycle 🔁

👉🏼 Invoice Reconciliation 

Our team reconciles uploaded invoices with Xmon computed data and identifies discrepancies. Any difference will be highlighted for review — ensuring vendor agreement compliance to commercial models and cost sign off.

👉🏼 Cost profile analysis and spend optimization recommendations

At the end of the billing cycle, our expert BA team analyzes the spend evolution for a specific month. Both at a high level as well as in micro-detail. From there it is compared with previous months, and usage trends and cost optimization opportunities are identified.

This will help your business understand the main cost drivers and optimization opportunities available.

Our team will drill down at request level and provide tailored recommendations and field-level analysis for usage, compliance and spend reduction. Maximizing your data agreements whilst minimizing your spend.

👉🏼 Regular follow-up on recommendations

All recommendations made are tracked through the Xmon Data Ops functionality, along with timelines and quantified impact. Our team will discuss these recommendations on a monthly basis with your team to prioritize their implementation and roll out.

All Xmon Insights customers get a dedicated senior analyst assigned to the account. The analyst will get to know your business, data usage requirements and patterns providing deeper insights and tailored recommendations that fit your needs, aligned with your operating model.

We're here for you 🤝🏼

If you’re looking to optimize your reference data spend and ensure compliance within your enterprise, paired with industry expert business analysis and dedicated support, we are here to help you! (Also check our blog: Mastering Reference Data Management: Tips for Success)

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