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FITS 4.05a released — with free Self Cert Lite

TRG Screen understands the cost pressure many firms will find themselves under following the usual events of 2020. To support our clients to discover cost savings within their organizations we’ve launched a new feature in FITS 4.05a “Self-Certification Lite” allowing your business users to review their inventory and costs and request cancellations for unneeded services.

Enterprise Spend Management - FITS 4.05a released

"Self-Certification Lite" is included in the base product with nothing additional to license.

Further more, user-configurable Reason Codes can now be defined for the Pricing, Inventory and Orders modules for enhanced tracking and trend analysis. And budgets can now be defined including Expense Type and Service Category as criteria.

A new Data Interface Module for uploading & reconciling Contracts is now available. It is intended to allow you to keep FITS synchronized with an upstream contract management system and allows you to easily perform bulk uploads of new contracts from a spreadsheet or flat file.

Learn more in the release notes for FITS 4.05a.

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