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FITS 4.03a and FITS Data Interface Modules 2.12.0 have been released

TRG Screen has released the latest version of FITS and its Data Interface Module (DIM). Some of the key features in this release are detailed below. Also be sure to take a look at the release notes for further information.


Take a look at the release notes.

Below are some of the latest key features in the FITS 4.03a and FITS Data Interface Modules 2.12.0 releases by TRG Screen.

Upload Directly Assigned Service Inventory

Now upload Directly Assigned Service Inventory into FITS via the Inventory Upload module. See 14.3 of the release notes for full details.

Track renewal dates and receive notifications for Vendor Due Diligence Questionnaires (“DDQs”)

The Vendors module has enhanced functionality to allow you to track how frequently you need to conduct due diligence on a vendor; store details of when the last DDQ was performed and when the next one is due; designate the person responsible for conducting the DDQ and get reminders when a vendor DDQs is due. See section 26.1 of the release notes for full details.

Automated Invoice Reconciliation, Allocation, and Approval Submission Rules

Functionality has been added to define reconciliation costs and % thresholds and automate invoice reconciliation, allocation, report generation and submission for approval. Coupled with the Accounts Payable DIM or TRG Screen’s Managed Services this provides the opportunity to provide seamless straight-through processing of invoices from receipt through to approval and payment. See section 15.19 of the release notes for full details.

Accounts Payable DIM integration with Sage Intacct API

The FITS Accounts Payable DIM now integrates with Sage Intacct via its web services API. See section 15.21 of the release notes for full details.

Timestamped Notes field in Task records

Task records now retain a timestamped audit trail of notes. See section 24.7 of the release notes for full details.

Other features now available is the ability to apply the same reason code to all pricing changes in Compute Prices. You can also select multiple invoices and set them to ‘processed’. Date & number formats in the business user interface have now been localized and a new “Run Now” button is available for Scheduled Jobs. Furthermore, you can now create tasks linked to Contracts and Invoices.

The DIM release includes the new Generic Inventory Upload for Directly Assigned Services DIM. This is available to all licensees of the Generic DIM. The DIM also includes an enhancement to upload invoices files into Document Storage as part of the Invoice Import feature of the AP DIM.

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