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TRG Screen enhances FITS index capabilities with index catalog tracking

It’s essential for firms with index data licenses to understand if they are getting the most from their subscriptions. Understanding whether index license deals are right-sized, identifying overlapping subscriptions, justifying renewal deals, and identifying index data points which are critical to a firm’s funds, are all of crucial importance but are challenging without appropriate tools.


FITS’s Index Management module has been enhanced to allow clients to store a catalog of which indexes are within each of their index family/package subscriptions, and track inventory of the usage of individual indexes. TRG Screen has worked closely in partnership with its user community to design and develop these new capabilities.

The new functionality adds the following features:

  • Ability to upload and store details of which indexes are within each index family subscription
  • Track at the fund-level which specific indexes are used as the benchmarks for a fund
  • Track at the inventory-level which specific indexes are being used for any given end-user or department’s index family cost allocation
  • Quickly and easily upload catalog information from spreadsheets and files available from index originators and redistributors
  • Index vendor and catalog agnostic – store multiple catalogs for each family, add additional indexes where there are exceptions to standard packages/families
  • Store vendor identifying codes
  • Report on index subscriptions by fund and inventory allocation
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