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Webinar Recording: How Ilmarinen benefits from enhanced reference data transparency, control & governance

Together with Amjad Zoghbi, Director at Xpansion and Sami Kekäläinen, System Manager at Ilmarinen — TRG Screen held a Reference Data Usage Management webinar: 'How Ilmarinen benefits from enhanced reference data transparency, control & governance'. 

Watch Reference Data Usage Management Webinar

Struggle to track usage & implement controls over reference data?

Many financial firms struggle to track usage & implement controls over reference data and other valuable enterprise information, leading to a lack of visibility & understanding of how services are being used by staff, teams, business units & IT applications. If this is something you are experiencing then this recorded webinar is for you. 

Who are Ilmarinen and what was their problem?

Ilmarinen are the largest private pension fund in Finland with an AUM of €58,4 billion and 1,2 million clients (end of sept 2021). Ilmarinen had no visibility into month on spend, no option to block unwanted expensive data requests, no transparency on usage and found it difficult to understand Bloomberg cost models. Does this sounds like you?

How did Ilmarinen overcome these problems? 

In this recorded webinar Sami Kekäläinen, Systems Manager, responsible for Front Office Systems (Incl. PMS, trading platforms, Bloomberg etc) discusses how Xmon, a reference data usage management software solution helped him overcome the problems he faced and the results of implementing such system. Xmon now enables Sami's team to:

  • Track every request 
  • Real-time altering and control
  • Streamline processes
  • Granular configuration
  • Detailed reporting 
  • Optimize spending

Want to learn more on how to gain complete control over your reference data usage?  Watch this Webinar 

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