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Webinar recording: Market data admin challenges in the post-Covid WFH environment

Evert-Jan ten Brundel, Managing Director, Customer Delivery Services at TRG Screen participated in A-Team group's webinar on market data management, licensing and administration in the post-Covid environment.

A-Team Webinar - Watch Now

Panel members

Joining Evert-Jan ten Brundel on the panel was Julie Guerasimova, Head of Market Data Administration, Man Group, Rob Merrick, Senior Consultant, CJC, Suzanne Lock, Chief Executive Officer, EOSE and the panel moderator was Sarah Underwood, Editor, A-Team Group.    

What did the panel discuss?

Market data administration has always been a challenge. In 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, things became even more challenging for these market data teams. Forcing a huge number of people to work from home,  causing traditional organisational models to turn upside down.

Whilst we are now more capable of supporting financial markets staff at home, market data managers are finding that cleaning up administratively can still be challenging. Some form of working from home seems to be here to stay, meaning that firms need to adapt their approach if they want to stay on top of their vendor relationships going forward. In the webinar the panel discusses:

  • The administrative challenges posed by the industry’s response to Covid-19
  • The potential pitfalls of not addressing the new environment
  • How firms are adapting their market data administration processes
  • The benefits from taking a proactive approach

Watch Webinar - Panel Discussion 


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