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Is managing your exchange & vendor reporting processes a challenge? Our Declaration Service can help!

Did you know? Market data is the third largest overhead for the banking industry.

This is due to exchanges introducing ever evolving policies regarding the use of market data in areas such as non-display, derived data creation and data usage within applications. Are you a market data professional constantly challenged as to how to interpret market data policies and declare usage accurately based on the market data structure of your firm?

outsourced market data declaration managed service

Our Declaration Service (ADS) is the definition of efficiency in market data management, assisting with the ever present need to control market data costs whilst ensuring compliance with exchange policy. Our Declaration Service provides an outsourced solution for exchange and vendor reporting and is carried out by automated processes which are overseen by market data experts - an invaluable service for any market data team. Wonder why?

Our Exchange & Vendor Usage Declaration Service provides: 

  • Automated Reporting: Systematic approach improves declaration accuracy by removing repetitive manual processes, reducing the risk of human error when interpreting exchange policies, while leaving the client in control of the workflow and approvals.
  • Compliance: Ensures compliant reporting in accordance with exchange policies and units of count whilst aiding in the mitigation of future audit risk.
  • Potential Savings: On average typical clients can achieve savings of between 6%-8% of their exchange market data spend across MISU, natural person reporting, role based exemptions, vendor admin fee savings other netting programs.

Want to learn how our Declaration Service (ADS) can add value to your business?

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