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Kick off the New Year with PEAR to stay on top of 2021 exchange updates

PEAR (Policies, Explanations, Analytics, Repository) helps 500+ market data professionals keep up to date with the latest exchange policy trends and interpretations by providing access to information around exchange products, including the fees for accessing & distributing data, as well as understanding how to use the data compliantly.

Exchange Updates 2021 – PEAR

Are you struggling with the inflow of 2021 exchange updates?

Axon’s PEAR can help you stay on top of all your exchange policy and price changes effective in 2021. So far this year, PEAR has 94 new exchange documents, updating over 900 licence fees and over 350 data charges across 26 exchanges. Some significant policy updates for 2021 include Non-Display & Derived Data

Login to PEAR to stay up-to-date

Kick off the new year by logging into PEAR to get a complete overview of all the exchange updates. If you are not an existing user and wish to find out more about our PEAR product, please contact us.

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