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The Shift to Proactive Market Data Demand Management

The complexities of managing a large volume of diverse market data vendors demands smarter ways of working. Many market data teams want to eliminate over licensing with more accurate ordering that’s aligned with demand.

Proactive Market Data Demand Management

Finding the Freedom to Deliver Strategic Value

The reality of today's business landscape is that smaller teams are being asked to achieve greater cost savings. They need to make faster, more accurate decisions in increasingly complex environments. While simultaneously, vendors demand double digit fee increases.

This scenario has become the status quo for most companies. Traditional and outdated tools — used for demand management workflows and request tracking — fall short of the pressurized and time constrained challenges teams now face. Every minute wasted is time that could be spent performing more strategic work, such as aligning with business units to more proactively support objectives or leveraging vendor relationships for more favorable contracts.

The complexities associated with managing a large volume of diverse market data vendors demand a more robust solution.

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The Value of a Strong Demand Management Process

  • Gain control with the ability to get ahead of the flow of requests, approvals and vendor fulfilment
  • Become more proactive and responsive to business unit partner needs by making the process more efficient and transparent
  • Significantly reduce time spent managing the communication chain, while achieving more accurate ordering that’s aligned with demand
  • Enable consumers to understand and take ownership of their spend through well designed demand management processes, thereby eliminating waste, overprovisioning and out-of-profile entitlements

So, what does Optimal Demand Management look like?

TRG Screen is uniquely positioned to help market data teams master their demand management workflow.

Core to the process are our spend management solutions, which provide a central platform to store information on vendor relationships and services. From product information and contractual terms, through to a catalogue of services used by each employee for cost allocation and so much more. Via order management, certification and surveys market data teams experience significant returns on investment through workflow efficiencies, cost savings and cost avoidance.

Underpinned by best practice workflows and market leading ordering, certification and survey tools, we have developed a whitepaper that introduces the key concepts behind proactive market data demand management that’s truly transformational. Ready to learn how?

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