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FITS 4.03 released

FITS 4.03 released was released at the end of last month.


Take a look at some of the latest new FITS features below.

System-wide support for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome

The latest release of FITS 4.03 introduces official system-wide support for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers, alongside its existing support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.

Range of enhancements to Surveys

A range of enhancements have also been added to the Surveys module. You can now add individual users to a Survey, and optionally disable the checkbox for “Unsure” in the Survey response form. Base Services and Required Services are now sorted to the top of the list and a new option is available to exclude zero-cost items from Surveys.

New fields in Pivot Studio

In FITS 4.03 there are new fields in Pivot Studio. Configurable fields (from ‘Preliminary’ data) are now available within the ‘Inventory’ in the ‘Archived’ and ‘Invoice’ data sets, as well as ‘Contract Owner’. ‘Days Overdue’ has also been added to the ‘Invoices’ data set.

Invoice Adjustments for Directly Assigned Services

The Invoice Adjustment function of the Invoice Reconciliation Worksheet has been enhanced to now support creating prior-period adjustments for Directly Assigned Services.

E-Mail Notifications for Tasks

Notification e-mails are now automatically sent to the new assignee of a Task, and for owners of Tasks which are automatically generated for Contract Renewals.

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