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Double Success at TradingTech Awards 2023

TRG Screen wins 'Best Market Data Inventory Platform' at the TradingTech Insight Europe Awards and 'Most innovative digital rights management/licensing compliance/usage tracking' at the TradingTech Innovation Awards 2023. 

Double success for TRG Screen at the TradingTech Insights & Innovation Awards 2023.

'Most Innovative Digital Rights Management/Licensing Compliance/Usage Tracking' at the A-Team Group TradingTech Innovation Awards 2023

TRG Screen's Digital Rights Management Solutions; PEAR (our exchange compliance database) and ACT (our application compliance tool) won 'Most innovative digital rights management/licensing compliance/usage tracking' at the A-Team Group TradingTech Innovation Awards 2023.

We are working hard to provide a complete solution to our customers to extract and capture their rights, interpret them, socialize them within their organization, and stay in compliance with them.

PEAR offers:

  • Single point of reference for usage rights for exchange services
  • Management of exchange agreements, with many contracts downloadable from portal
  • Capture and storage in a standardized format, clients can extract key contract clauses covering usage rights
  • Repository of exchange policy information and is ideally positioned for the interpretation aspect of Rights Management
  • Keeps track of exchange agreements and notifies application owners when terms change

ACT provides a tool to manage details of your internal applications, survey application owners, and link applications to exchange services they’re consuming — ensuring compliance. Defines internal applications, based on surveys of application owners, with API linkage into PEAR. Flags changes to exchanges’ market data usage rules in addition to a new module for non-exchange data in development.

'Best Market Data Inventory Platform' at A-Team Group TradingTech Insight Europe Awards 2023

We are delighted that Optimize Spend won 'Best Market Data Inventory Platform' at A-Team's TradingTech Insight awards - Europe. Optimize Spend completely changes the way you think about your subscriptions spend and enforce cost awareness across the entire organization.

Optimize Spend is part of the Optimize platform and was first released in 2021. It comes with a refreshed, modernized, user experience with easier-to-use navigation and simplified vendor relationship and contract management. It acts as your central market data inventory & license management system to deliver a complete global overview of your user community, vendor relationships, products, services, licenses and data accesses in use — all together with associated cost.

Optimize Insights sits at the heart of TRG Screen’s new Optimize platform and was released in 2022 to unlock new insights and reporting capabilities within Optimize Spend. Optimize Insights tells the story of your firm’s market data subscription landscape with automated trend analysis that explains why costs are changing. It combines underlying data on spend and usage to provide tailored insights with powerful calls to action to help firms optimize market data spend.

Recognizing excellence

These awards are renowned within the industry as they recognize excellence in trading solutions and services for capital markets and focus on vendors providing exceptional trading infrastructure, trading technology, and data solutions.

Leigh Walters, COO at TRG Screen said: “Winning these awards shows our commitment to the industry in delivering first-class products & services. It demonstrates the incredible talent & expertise we have here at TRG Screen who are continually working hard to meet our client’s needs. We thank each one of the team for their hard work and for helping us to win these two awards. We would also like to thank all our clients for their continued support and encouragement.”

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