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TRG Screen acquires Market Data Insights (MDI) for Market Data Managed Services

February 6, 2020New York – TRG Screen, the leading provider of enterprise subscription spend management solutions, today announced it has acquired Market Data Insights (“MDI”), a leading provider of market data managed services. The acquisition of MDI will further solidify TRG Screen’s position as a global market leader of market data management solutions.


Investment Solidifies TRG Screen’s Position as Global Market Leader in Market Data Management

Market Data Insights – established in 2014 – is focused on providing market data expense management and optimization as a managed service for firms that are not large enough to have a dedicated market data management function, or want to outsource or augment key functions of their market data management processes to free up their staff to add value elsewhere in their business.

“MDI and TRG Screen have been partners for many years. Bringing MDI into the TRG Screen family is a very logical next step for both companies, given our strong relationship and shared view that the industry demand for market data managed services is going to continue to grow”, said TRG CEO Steve Matthews. “MDI is an established firm with excellent customer satisfaction and retention, and highly experienced and industry respected leadership. We are very excited at the opportunities this acquisition brings”.

The MDI acquisition complements and augments TRG Screen’s existing managed services business, and the Exchange Declaration Service, acquired from Axon last year. It is fully consistent with the strategy TRG Screen is executing on for its software products and expanding its capabilities to span the whole spectrum of market data optimization, from spend and inventory tracking, through to usage and enquiry management.

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“A market data management solution is more than expense management; it has to include optimization of market data usage and cost. Our approach is to take on work that people struggle with, fill their resource gaps, and do it efficiently”, said Rich Sigillo, CEO of MDI. “We strongly believe that the world is moving to managed services. Unless you can create unique value, why would you do it internally?”

“We’re seeing increasing demand from clients for wider software and service capabilities to cover the whole spectrum of market data management. We’re evolving to meet their needs and provide a one-stop solution”, said Steve Matthews. “We now have the capability to provide managed services ranging from invoice reception, invoice processing, procurement, cost optimization, commercial negotiation and managed exchange reporting, through to a completely outsourced end-to-end market data function.”

The acquisition demonstrates the TRG Screen’s ongoing commitment to servicing the needs of the market data consumers, vendors and exchanges.

Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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