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TRG Screen wins 'Best Data Governance Solution' at IMD & IRD Awards'24

TRG Screen wins 'Best Data Governance Solution' at the Inside Market Data & Inside Reference Data Awards 2024, announced on the evening of May 16 at a reception following this year's North American Financial Information Summit in New York.

Best Data Governance Solution

Industry excellence within market data, reference data and enterprise data management.

We are delighted to announce that TRG Screen's reference data usage management software solution - Xmon – has won 'Best Data Governance Solution' at the Inside Market Data & Inside Reference Data Awards 2024.

The IMD & IRD Awards recognize industry excellence within market data, reference data and enterprise data management.

“Winning this award further demonstrates our commitment to the industry in providing the best possible solution for reference data usage management. It demonstrates the incredible talent & expertise we have on the Xmon and wider TRG Screen team who are continually working hard to meet our client’s needs in the ever changing and complex world of reference data.” Amjad Zoghbi, Director of Business Development - Xmon at TRG Screen.

Revolutionizing reference data management: Proactive control with TRG Screen's Xmon

As you know all too well, tracking and controlling reference data usage and understanding spend is a struggle. The amount of data at hand, the increasing complexity of commercial models and licensing agreements means that organizations are unable to understand usage, generate audit reports or control costs. 

TRG Screen's reference data usage management software solution - Xmon - revolutionizes the way reference data is managed and places market data teams in a position of proactive control, rather than that of passive management. This new paradigm empowers market data teams and provides unparalleled transparency within the organisation as well as accountability, compliance, and cost optimization for a holistic governance approach for reference data.

Xmon monitors requests for reference data and computes relevant analytics in real-time. This allows organizations to understand usage in real-time and to detect anomalies such as non-compliant data requests, or abnormally large requests, leading to:

☑️ Reduced costs: Optimize commercial models and maintain control over data consumers
☑️ Transparency: Track consumption, fair allocation based on usage
☑️ Accountability: Invoice reconciliation and validation of commercials
☑️ Compliance: Track licensed data and generate usage reports 

Our secret sauce 🤫

Xmon is uniquely positioned with a modern technical stack and native multi-source compatibility, supporting any reference data source, including internal (EDM systems) and external reference data sources (data vendors). Its powerful, automated analytics are backed by decades of experience in reference data commercial models as well as usage and licensing agreements. 

And that’s not all, Xmon is supported by Xmon Insights, our team of analysts who are experts in reference data commercial models and usage and licensing agreements. The Xmon Insights team have years of experience in the financial services industry and understand our customer’s business and the intricacies of reference data - delivering continuous value to our clients. Acting as a specialized extension to market data teams.

We have dedicated many years to refining our offering, making Xmon easy to deploy and quick to deliver returns. What truly sets us apart is our commitment to helping our clients and delivering tangible results in the shortest time, with minimal resource requirements. Xmon has a proven return on investment and short time to value.

In a recent webinar, Metzler Asser Management discussed how Xmon provided them with significant ROI in a matter of weeks. “I’m not able to go into the specifics, but once we had all the required data in place, we were able to get the first returns within days and weeks, says Vitalij Smoljaninov, Head Of Data Management at Metzler Asset Management.

Future plans 🚀

TRG Screen remain dedicated to bringing advanced technology to solve our client’s evolving needs in the reference data space. Some exciting and upcoming enhancements include leveraging AI to further improve efficiencies in reports and analytics extractions as well as the introduction of cross vendor maps for full transparency and data cataloguing across data sources.

Don't take our word for it 

We recently hosted a webinar that you can re-watch in your own time. We brought together a group of financial services and trading technology experts for a panel discussion to explore the topic 'Best Practice Approaches to Reference Data Cost and Usage Management'. The discussion delved into the reasons why so many companies are passively consuming reference data, how costs are staking up and what steps can be taken to turn the tide and place teams in control of their usage and spend.

Want to be in control of reference data and optimize your costs & usage?

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