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Virtual DKF 2020 proved to be a success whilst the 10th D-A-CH congress has been postponed

The world's largest congress in the financial information industry should have been celebrating its 10th anniversary last month in Munich. Unfortunately, this popular event will have to wait a little longer. Due to the Corona crisis the event could not take place as usual at the Hotel Sofitel Bayerpost in Munich and has been postponed to December 2, 2020.


The first online D-A-CH congress

Nevertheless, a “mini“ virtual DKF was held on May 14, 2020 through an online live special, bringing the event to hundreds of living rooms  - matching this year's congress theme: "If the trading room is now in the living room, what does that mean for cooperation, IT security and compliance?".

The first Online D-A-CH Congress was born, with 800 registered guests. The virtual event consisted of 12 exciting lectures (including a question and answer session) and concluded with a panel discussion. After a short welcome by the organisers Dr. Alexis Eisenhofer ( and Evert-Jan ten Brundel (TRG Screen), the twelve part lecture series began.

Keynote speakers: 

Anthony Belcher and Paul Williams, ICE Data Services

The  first keynote speech started with the exciting and informative presentation from Anthony Belcher and Paul Williams (both ICE Data Services) on the topic of market volatility. Investors tried to liquidate their portfolios as quickly as possible and presented the markets with a major challenge. This enormous volatility led to liquidity shortages. ICE Data Services has constructed a tool to realistically assess these liquidity risks. This enables clients to be informed about more risks and to include previously overlooked factors in investment decisions.

Simon Ullrich, TTMzero Partner of FIS

Afterwards Simon Ullrich (TTMzero Partner of FIS) presented an innovative method to save market data costs. Using derivatives, very good approximate prices for indices can be calculated in real time.

Gregor Stolz, Asset Control

Gregor Stolz from Asset Control spoke about the latest findings in market data management. Covid-19 revealed some weaknesses in historically grown data management platforms. The short-term change to outsourcing work to the home office revealed historically grown and inflexible IT infrastructures. These lead to availability bottlenecks, lack of control and high maintenance and cost expenditures. With a modern and comprehensive data management solution, these problems can be solved efficiently and effectively. Asset Control's solutions combine all the data requirements of a modern financial service provider.

Axel Jester, VM Datenservice

Axel Jester (WM Datenservice) followed with his presentation on the new Shareholder Rights Directive II. With a new type of service, the new directive can be implemented with WM. It enables the identification of shareholders. WM operates the data centres in Germany and supports banks in implementing SRD II.

Andreas Ponikiewicz, SimCorp

Afterwards, Andreas Ponikiewicz (SimCorp) gave a deep insight into modern data management. The shown software connects all instances of a modern EDM and also offers targeted scalability. By combining change management, the operative processes of a company and consulting, a comprehensive scalability is achieved.

Heiko Stuber, SIX Financial Information

Heiko Stuber (SIX Financial Information) gave a presentation on the topic of legal reporting requirements in connection with the Securities Financing Transactions Ordinance. The comprehensive reporting obligation is intended to increase transparency for investors and issuers. However, especially issuers and investors outside the European Union are currently not subject to the reporting obligation.

Clément Miglietti, NeoXam

The subsequent presentation by Clément Miglietti (NeoXam) showed another innovative approach to data management. The biggest challenges in reporting are costs, scalability and complexity. NeoXam offers an interactive tool that impresses with its flexibility and scalability.

Dr. Lothar Jonitz, Tetralog

Dr. Lothar Jonitz (Tetralog) also used his presentation slot to present his company‘s software solutions. The portfolio ranges from classic consulting tools, total stock analysis to software for end customers. Especially the consultant widgets caused a sensation. They provide the consultant with a diversified market insight and support the decision-making process.

Antonio Goncalves, dxFeed

Antonio Goncalves followed with a brief overview of the latest products from dxFeed. He showed a tool for the targeted search of investment instruments and a tool to perform a profound technical analysis. Both software solutions are used worldwide and are continuously being developed.

Kevin Maude, Cboe

Kevin Maude (Cboe) offered the audience a question and answer session on the explosive nature of real-time data in the financial environment. Access to real-time data not only brings financial benefits, but this knowledge advantage can be especially important in times of crisis. This interactive offer was well received by all interested parties.

Gary Kazantsev, Bloomberg

The penultimate presentation was given by Gary Kazantsev of Bloomberg. He presented the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the financial environment and showed a very attractive live demo. Machine learning enables filtering of worldwide news sources and can automatically divide them into positive and negative news.

Dan Lefkovitz, Morningstar

To finish up the series of lectures, Dan Lefkovitz (Morningstar) gave a presentation on market beta and how it can be used profitably. High index license fees reduce investor profits. Morningstar offers a cost-effective solution to this problem. This presentation was very appealing and interested parties were able to ask the speaker a few more questions afterwards.

Panel discussion

The DKF Online Live Special was crowned by an insightful interactive panel discussion. Led by Evert-Jan ten Brundel (TRG Screen) with the participants: Morten A. Lindeman (Infront), Colin Ritchie (Aberdeen Standard), Janos Bohnke (Allianz Global Investors GmbH) and Kirston Winters (IHS Markit), on the topic: DKF is going virtual. The participants discussed the challenges, but also the opportunities of a strongly "digital" working environment. After almost six and a half hours, the 1st Online DKF was finished. A pleasant side effect was the very short way home after the event.


Overall, there was very positive feedback on all the presentations, the panel discussion and the online event. A big praise also goes to our moderators: Dr. Alexis Eisenhofer, Anja Hohenacker, Evert-Jan ten Brundel and Ronald Damen, who accompanied all spectators charmingly and eloquently through the event.

Get the presentation slides

The presentation slides are available, please contact us if you would like to receive a copy.

Save the date

The 10th Anniversary congress will (hopefully) take place this year on  December 2, 2020 in Munich. A big thank you goes to all our speakers and sponsors, who supported and accepted the first Online DKF.

Due to the ongoing corona crisis, we cannot yet estimate whether the popular capital market colloquia can be held as planned this year. More information will follow.

Until then the event team wishes all participants, sponsors, speakers and interested parties all the best and stay healthy.

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