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Webinar: Reference Data Cost & Usage Management - Save your Seat!

Taking a proactive approach to managing reference data enables real-time tracking of spend and usage, fostering transparency, accountability, and cost optimization for the organization. Curious about how to make this happen? Then this webinar is the one for you. 

Webinar: Best practice approaches to Reference Data Cost & Usage Management

We are thrilled to present a webinar showcasing an exceptional line up of speakers who will share invaluable insights on the topic  'Best Practice Approaches to Reference Data Cost & Usage Management'.

Reference data is expensive and subject to complex licensing agreements. Poor visibility and limited control over these very high-cost services creates complex challenges for cost control and governance. 

Financial institutions find it increasingly difficult to control and report on usage of reference data. Data enters the firm from multiple data vendors who each have their own usage agreement and cost models. It proves to be very difficult for most companies to traceback who internal data consumers are for chargeback purposes or simply to ensure that usage is compliant to licensing agreements and optimized.

Adding to the complexity, reference data vendors often impose legal frameworks that dictate how data can be used and distributed internally (and externally). This leaves organizations with the burden of identifying how data flows through their systems and ensuring they remain compliant.

What's needed? Proactive Reference Data Management

Managing reference data should be done proactively, allowing for spend and usage to be tracked in real-time and establishing transparency, accountability and cost optimization for the organization.

Curious about how to make this happen? This webinar will define proactive reference data management and the advantages this brings to your organization.

Register for the webinar to gain valuable insights on;

✅ What is proactive reference data management?
✅ How to establish transparency and accountability for reference data usage
✅ Best practices for reference data governance
✅ The importance of powerful timely analytics, what-if scenarios and simulations
✅ Client ROI examples

You'll not want to miss our fantastic line up of speakers

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