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How to Ensure Reference Data Usage Compliance?

Managing reference data from different vendors, with several contracts and multiple internal consumers is challenging. Reference data is costly, vendor commercials are difficult to model and access to data is subject to compliance and regulatory requirements.

Ensure reference data usage compliance with Xmon

Typical Reference Data Usage (Compliance) Challenges

  • Do you have insights and understand reference data vendors' legal frameworks that dictate how data can be used and distributed?
  • Are you able to identify how reference data flows into and within your organization?
  • Can you ensure that reference data usage is compliant to licensing agreements?
  • Do you spend a lot of time compiling usage reports for audit requirements?

Xmon is a software solution that helps Market Data and Data Operations teams establish proactive control, transparency and governance over reference data usage, spend & compliance. Wonder how?

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How Xmon can help you to ensure reference data usage compliance (some examples)

  • Understand and validate commercial models
  • Create dynamic data access rules per data consumer to ensure only users with the right to access specific data will be allowed to do so
  • Modify data requests to make sure they are compliant by removing non-compliant attributes before sending the request to the source
  • Generate audit and compliance usage reports in a mouse-click

With Xmon as your reference data usage management software solution, you will achieve cost efficiencies, streamline data access and ensure usage compliance. (Also check our blog: Mastering Reference Data Management: Tips for Success)

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