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Enterprise Spend Management Platform

Optimize your Enterprise Spend Management

Many firms, including financial institutions, law firms, and professional services organizations – large and small – struggle to understand and control the contracts, billing and expenses for their expensive and complex enterprise subscriptions.

TRG Screen is uniquely positioned and the only vendor that enables you to manage and optimize subscription spend & usage across your entire organization, in one place.

Take control of all your market data, research, software and other corporate subscription spend across the enterprise – and save up to 30%!

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500+ happy customers world-wide

Jointly managing over $8,5 billion in enterprise subscriptions. And yes, we’re pretty proud of our 96% retention rate since 1990.

The full spectrum of spend management capabilities


Secure Vendor Compliance

Understanding in-house consumption of vendor data and ensuring compliance with the terms & conditions of your enterprise subscription agreements can be challenging. Particularly for firms managing large volumes of contract clauses across hundreds of suppliers. Our enterprise expense management software create full transparency around the access to — and actual usage of – information services across your firm.


Save 10-30% off your annual enterprise subscription costs

Today’s business is often stretched thin with the rising cost of data and the constant internal pressure to drive efficiency while reducing overall enterprise subscriptions spend. Optimize Spend provides a single repository of all subscriptions, and automate many previously resource intensive processes. Our clients realize annual cost savings ranging from 10%-30%.


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Gain total cost transparency & control of subscriptions and vendor relationships

Many firms struggle to streamline and bring transparency & control to their enterprise subscriptions. Our enterprise inventory management software provides a central platform to store information about all your vendor relationships, product information, contractual terms, a catalogue of services used by each employee for cost allocation, full audit trail, and more.


A deep dive into all the spend management processes our solution optimizes


Inventory & License Management

A complete global overview of your user community — including the systems, licenses and data accesses in use, all together with associated cost in our license management software


Enterprise Contract Management

A full function procurement environment listing of all your providers’ contracts — including prices, expiry & renewal dates, rules, terms & conditions


Cost & Expense Allocation

Our cost & expense allocation software gives you a single view of costs & expenses to accurately allocate costs across users, desks, departments, offices, and more



Simply calculate your next period’s budgets, and track variances with accrued cost and budget YTD


Invoice Processing

Automated invoice processing software for
a fast, paperless and rules-based process delivering automation of the invoice entry, reconciliation, approval and payments lifecycle


Reporting & Analytics

Visualize your data through modern reporting, advanced analytics and customizable dashboards


Vendor Compliance Management

Easily review and compare usage to your contractual terms to ensure vendor contract compliance


Interfacing & Automation

Automate manual processes and seamlessly transfer data from and to your vendor and corporate systems


Document Storage

Simply store & organize your documents and files relating to contracts, invoices, vendors, and more


Order Management

Allow end users to automatically order products & services, and dramatically improve turnaround time on requests


Surveys & Self-certification

Empower end users to self-certify that their current inventory is suitable for their requirements, and identify services they no longer need



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