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Government, Academic & Public

TRG Screen's product suite allows interdepartmental transparency and justification of resources for government, academic and public services by offering comprehensive metrics to show value.

Overcoming subscription management challenges

Knowledge management teams are able to handle subscriptions management in-house through streamlined processes which boost efficiency.

Better measurement of the success of products & vendors and transparency through readily available metrics means content and data purchasers are able to track and justify resource spend and manage budgets with ease.

How we help optimizing enterprise subscription management

High-value subscriptions are complex and expensive. They need to be managed professionally. TRG Screen helps government, academic & public services globally to manage the full end-to-end life cycle of their corporate expenses.

We are uniquely positioned to offer the full spectrum of subscription management capabilities across expense, usage tracking, enquiry management, and managed services.

Our clients realize immediate ROI and long-term cost savings (10-30%), transparency into purchased subscriptions, improved workflows, and a higher degree of compliance with their vendor contracts.

Spend management

End-user firms of information subscriptions have an increasing demand to manage and reduce spend on these subscriptions.

Our spend management solution —Optimize Spend — enables government, academic & public services to optimize their subscription spend.

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Usage management

Millions are spent on web-based & application subscriptions.

Our usage management system — ResearchMonitor — helps government, academic & public services to monitor and analyze the usage of these services.

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Enquiry management

Business information services teams receive multiple business requests every day.

Our enquiry management system Quest enables government, academic & public services to manage, process and log requests & enquiries more efficiently — streamlining workflow and saving valuable time.

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Managed services

Government, academic & public services often seem to struggle to find the right staff to manage their information subscriptions.

Our managed service solutions provide our clients with the professional skills of our highly trained and experienced staff into a complete customized solution to assist knowledge management teams in handling their subscriptions.

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Our Government, Academic & Public Services clients

We serve several types of government, academic & public services and support many departments & multiple business functions — all having their specific needs and requirements when it comes to professional enterprise subscription management.

Typical departments & functions we support:

  • Head of knowledge management
  • Chief information services
  • Technical officer
  • Records manager
  • Director of library services
  • Head of research
  • Chief procurement officer
  • Head of finance
  • Head of systems & service management
  • Resources & subscriptions manager

A selection of subscriptions our clients optimize:

  • Research
  • Information services
  • Market data
  • Data applications
  • Hardware
  • IT contracts
  • Software licenses
  • SaaS subscriptions
  • Publications & subscriptions
  • Expert network
  • Telecom
  • Rental & insurance costs
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