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Managed Services — market data specialist support

Get support with a complex market data project, or replace a market data specialist who is on (temporary) leave

Do you need temporary, immediate assistance when it comes to managing your firm’s ever-changing market data environment or with market data sourcing, licensing and management issues you may face?

TRG Screen can assist with expert level market data support and guidance through its expert assistance service.

Market data management challenges

Managing market data can be a challenging task. When this is your role you are often seen as the ‘go to’ person for all kinds of questions which have some relation to market data. Next to this role of subject matter expert for internal market data end users, you are often challenged by vendor managers, procurement officers, IT project managers and other internal stakeholders.

And then there are all the external players and events that need to be managed. Data vendors approaching you with new services, credit rating agencies and benchmark index providers which have again a new licensing model — obviously increasing cost — and security exchanges who want to conduct an audit.

All of these things arrive at your desk, and often without warning. Sometimes the solution is easy and can be solved on the spot, but in other cases it can be a lengthy and difficult task, consuming lots of time.

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Help from the professionals

TRG Screen can help through its Market Data Expert Assistance offering. This service allows you to hand over tasks to our market data specialists for whatever reason and whatever duration.

We assist when you are not totally confident handling an audit, you would like to get some feedback on your chosen strategy, or there are simply too many requests coming in at the same time. We can act on your behalf, or in the back supporting you wherever you need it.

Market Data Expert Assistance in practice

  • Managing vendor and exchange audits
  • Providing demand management for specific situations
  • Conducting complex agreement renewal negotiations
  • Assisting in vendor selection for new product suites
  • Performing specific vendor (product) research
  • Performing a database scan for Optimize Spend clients
  • Being a sparring partner on demand
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We have a proven track record of assisting firms — with budgets of any size — globally with managing their market data & financial information management processes more efficiently.