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Market data compliance

Secure market data compliance with your vendor & exchange contracts

Need help in becoming compliant with the terms & conditions of agreements of your sources for market data? Need support in managing compliance audits?

TRG Screen can help you through market data compliance services. We support the various stages of the audit process, thereby identifying cost optimization opportunities.

Changing market data landscape

The classic sources of market and reference data, stock exchanges, vendors and broker/dealers used to focus their product offerings, pricing models and terms & conditions on the end-user displaying the data on a desktop.

Today, these market data providers have to consider a reduced desktop population, the huge impact of programmatic or ‘black-box’ trading, and new advanced technologies for displaying and distributing their data. On the user side many institutions are finding it increasingly difficult to keep pace with the development of applications that have to meet new and complex business requirements and the resulting — sometimes opaque — use of market data.

“TRG Screen's industry experts have helped us to become and stay compliant with the agreements of our providers of market data”

Manage compliance audits

In response to this dilemma, vendors and exchanges have increased the number of compliance audits they conduct. Initially through a remote audit, sometimes followed by an on-site audit, clients must disclose to whom the sources’ data is available — whether through display or non-display applications — and usually explain what business functions use the data.

In doing so, stock exchanges, data vendors and broker/dealers want to protect their intellectual property rights, identify any unauthorized use and take corrective measures if unauthorized use of data is found. This, in turn, may lead to substantial back billing over a period of years.

TRG Screen assists its clients with managing these compliance audits and in becoming compliant with the agreements of the providers of market data. Through its modular COMPliance Audit Support Services offering (COMPASS), we provide assistance in managing your market data compliance at any stage.

How compliant is your market data use?

Learn how to get in compliance with the T&C’s of your sources for market data.

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Our market data compliance services

  • Reviewing client’s market data desktop usage and data access declarations
  • Reviewing client’s internal display applications that source data from exchanges and/or vendors
  • Reviewing the Terms & Conditions of the agreement(s) with the source covering the audit period
  • Creating an analysis for the client of the audit period; the exposure and the risks
  • Reviewing the preliminary audit report as issued by the market data source or their auditors
  • Developing client’s response to audit findings from the preliminary audit report
  • Clarifying client’s position on unit of count and other criteria defined by the market data source
  • Providing details on the internal display and non-display applications in question
  • Calculating client’s financial reporting and declaration position for the audit period
  • Assisting client in personal meetings with staff from the market data sources and/or their auditors

Key takeaways

  • Secured market data vendor compliance
  • Support with the various stages of the audit process
  • Identification of cost optimization opportunities
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